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What time can I expect to disembark the ship?

Disembarkation in Southampton

On average, it takes approximately two hours to have all luggage landed and the ship cleared by Customs before you will be invited to disembark. Disembarkation is staggered and normally begins at approximately 8.45 AM, you will be advised of your allocated time to disembark approximately a day before arrival. If however, you require / prefer to disembark early / at a particular time please speak to Reception as soon as possible once you are on board. 

If you elect to carry off your own luggage, disembarkation usually starts at 7.30 AM, this time is dependent on when the ship clears Customs.

Although we cannot guarantee that you will be able to disembark at your preferred time, the ship will do whatever they can to accommodate your request.

Disembarkation is normally completed by 10.15 AM, however, this can vary.

Disembarkation in Malta

Guests disembarking the ship in Malta are welcome to stay onboard, however their cabin must be vacated at 08:00 AM. The majority of guests vacate their cabins at 8:00 AM and are off the ship by 11:00 AM to travel to the airport. Guests who have registered a credit/debit card to their on board account can make purchases on board (drinks) until they disembark. The Spa facilities are available for freshening up.

Disembarkation in the Caribbean

Guests may be able to arrange a "day cabin" on board for the day of disembarkation. Availability will be advertised in The Horizon.

Net Rate bookings

Guests who are booked on a Net Rate have a different disembarkation time to those who are booked on our Charted flights:

Itinerary: Disembarkation time for Net Rate guests:
Fly Caribbean

Barbados (BGI): 13:00 

Antigua and Barbuda (ANU): 9.30 AM

Fly Canaries Tenerife (TFS): 09:00 AM, although there is some flexibility
Fly Med

Malta (MLA): 11:30 AM


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