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What happens to my luggage at the end of the cruise?


On your final night on board you will be asked to pack your luggage and leave it outside your cabin.

We recommend that you do not pack valuables, fragile items and medication. Your luggage will be taken from outside your cabin and will be waiting for you to identify and reclaim in the cruise terminal.


In the Cruise Terminal

Arriving into Southampton:

Your luggage will then be transferred ashore and will be placed in deck order making it easy to locate. There will be porters available to assist you and there will also be trolleys for you to use. 


When travelling on a back to back cruise:

The Deck Manager will co-ordinate with you and provide assistance to move your luggage from one cabin to another.  Your clothes from the wardrobe are transferred on a clothes rail so that there is no hassle of packing and unpacking.



If you are travelling on one of our fly-cruises, please visit the question - On a fly-cruise how do I get my baggage between the aircraft and the ship?


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