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Do you provide hoists?

We do not provide cabin hoists, but you may bring your own or hire one. Our recommended supplier, Mobility at Sea, provide a number of different items and can be contacted on 0800 328 1699. Alternatively you can use your own hire company.

Please note, Mobility at Sea can only provide equipment on Southampton to Southampton sailings. We do not have a recommended supplier in other countries, but guests can independently hire & bring this on board provided that the equipment meets our size / safety requirements. Unfortunately, representatives from a hire company that is not Mobility at Sea will not be permitted to board the ship. You may find 'How can I hire mobility aids?' helpful.

If you are bringing your own or hired hoist, please ensure that the cabin booked is suitable, that the equipment will fit through the cabin door and there will be sufficient floor space.

If you are bringing your own or hired hoist, you will need to check that the hoist is compatible with the ship's electrical supply, (see below).The standard electrical supply in the United Kingdom is 50HZ (cycles) and 240V. You will need to check with the manufacturer, or supplier, that the item is safe to use and that the overall performance will not be affected or damaged at 60HZ.

  • Iona - 220V / 60HZ
  • Arcadia - 220V / 110V / 110HZ
  • Arvia - 220V / 60HZ
  • Aurora - 220V / 60HZ
  • Azura - 230V / 115V / 60HZ
  • Britannia - 230V / 120V / 60HZ
  • Ventura - 230V / 115V / 60HZ

Please contact the Reception Desk once you have embarked the ship in order for the ship's Electrical Officer to test your equipment prior to sailing. We would suggest you check in no later than the allocated time on your ticket to ensure that you have enough time to do this. You will be responsible for the carriage and installation of your own electrical equipment and your hoist must remain in your cabin at all times.

Please also ensure you complete the relevant section of the "Your on-board needs" questionnaire. If you have not received a questionnaire, please call our Customer Contact Centre.

Pool hoists

The following ships have a pool hoist available. They all feature a chair hoist and have a weight limit 136kg.

  • Arvia* - All pools
  • Britannia* - Riviera pool the Serenity pool (both in the shallow end)
  • Azura - Aqua Pool (deep end)
  • Arcadia - Neptune Pool (shallow end)
  • Aurora - Crystal Pool (shallow end)
  • Iona* - All pools/ some whirlpools
  • Ventura - Laguna Pool (shallow end)


*There is only one pool hoist available, however this can be moved from pool to pool.

The pool hoist is available to book on request, please contact Reception whilst onboard.

There is no pool hoist available for the whirlpool spas, Hydrotherapy pool and Terrace pool.

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