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What are the dimensions of the lifts on board?

For guests travelling with a mobility equipment, it is important to check their equipment will fit into the lifts. Current lift sizes on board are as follows:

Ship Lift location Dimensions
  Entrance Width Depth Height
Arcadia Forward and Aft 108cm 147cm 145cm 219cm
 Midship 108cm 182cm 106cm 219cm
Panoramic lifts in the Midship 88cm 128cm 175cm 219cm
Arvia   90cm 175cm 160cm 200cm
Aurora   110cm 175cm 160cm 200cm
Azura Forward  119cm 211cm 145cm 200cm
Midship panoramic 89cm 178cm 190cm 198cm
Midship 119cm 211cm 145cm 200cm
Aft 99cm 173cm 145cm 200cm
Foward ADA (from deck 16 to deck 17) 89cm 109cm 145cm 203cm
Tender platform ADA 84cm 118cm 122cm 198cm
Britannia   114cm 190cm 124cm 216cm
Iona   90cm 175cm 160cm 200cm
Ventura   119cm 175cm 160cm 200cm
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