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What is the scooter policy?

Scooter Policy

For safety reasons guests wishing to bring a mobility scooter (this includes the lightweight collapsible scooters e.g.such as brands like 'luggie', 'Monarch Mobie' and 'TGA') must be booked into an accessible cabin, or selected Suite/Mini Suite. This is to ensure there is sufficient space for the scooter to be stored safely while in the cabin, as well as ensuring the safety all guests and crew on board while the scooter is in use around the ship.


Mobility scooters must be declared at the time of booking, or as soon as the need is known, otherwise your scooter may be denied boarding.


Motorised wheelchairs and manual collapsible wheelchairs are not included within the definition for the term ‘mobility scooters’ and providing the dimensions are smaller than the width of the cabin door and they are easily collapsible, they can be accommodated within a standard cabin. Please note that we can only accept gel, dry cell or lithium-Ion battery operated mobility scooters/wheelchairs on-board


Is your scooter policy compliant with all applicable legislation? 

Yes - our policies and procedures comply with all applicable ship safety and disability/equality legislation, including the EU Passenger Rights Regulation which has been incorporated into domestic UK law by section 3 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018). We aim to offer our services to all disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility subject to applicable safety requirements and within the parameters of each ship design, port infrastructure and equipment. 



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