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Can we offer assistance to autistic guests?

There are a number of arrangements we can put in place for autistic guests, however it's important we understand what kind of assistance is required. 
If you receive a call from an autistic guest, you should have a conversation with them to note any concerns they may have and understand what kind of assistance they will require.
Send this information to the Accessibility Team at - this is an email you can give out externally, so if guests wish to contact Accessibility directly they can (If the booking is outside of six months, reassure the guests we can assist and ask them to contact the Accessibility team directly within six months of departure. Please add notes to the booking). 
When emailing Accessibility, include the following:
Subject line: 
Ship - cruise number - sailing date - booking reference – autism
Use the below table format to provide the name of who has contacted us and who is the autistic guest on the booking. The concerns and/or requests they have for additional support, with an email address to contact them back on from the Accessibility team.
Name of contact  
Email address for contact  
Name of autistic guest  
What is the additional support that is being requested? (eg embarkation assistance, information on youth club or dining arrangements)  

Our autism-friendly book titled "My P&O Cruise holiday" supports preparing to travel and what to expect on board. Guests can download the book from our website

The Accessibility team with liaise with the guest and ship to ensure the guests are provided, where possible, with the assistance they require.

Please note if the guest would not be able to independently muster then they should state in their requirements that they would require 1:1 assistance in the event of an emergency.

P&O Cruises Fly- Cruises:
If the booking has flights in BHX, MAN, LGW, GLA or MLA, the airports websites have their own information on how they can assistn autistic guests during the flights.
Barbados Airport does not offer any additional assistance, however there will be the P&O Cruises representative available to assist if needed at the airports.
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