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What information do I need to know if travelling on a back to back cruise?

When a guest books back to back (consecutive) cruises on the same ship, a 10% discount is applicable on each booking. Back to back discount is available on the P&O Cruises Select Fare only. This discount is also known as B2B or the "Combination Saver".

The Combination Saver does not apply to:

  • World Cruises
  • Classic Southern Hemisphere Journeys
  • Exotic fly-cruises
  • Seven nights Fly – Europe Fly / Caribbean / Atlantic Islands
  • Consecutive cruises on different ships
  • If one, or both of the cruises are of five nights or less
  • If one or both cruises are 41 nights or longer (applies for all other cruises) Please note however, the combined length of both cruises can exceed 41 days and still be applicable for the B2B discount, as long as each cruise is 40 nights or less.
  • The 10% reduction does not apply to regional flight supplements, premium flight seats or other holiday add-ons. The 10% Combination Saver will apply after the Past Guest Saving (if applicable) has been applied. There may also be certain promotions which would not allow a further "back to back" discount

Please note: 

  • If travelling on back to back cruises, some elements of the initial cabin set up will only be provided when guests embark on the first of their consecutive cruises.
  • The 10% reduction is still applicable if only one of the guests is travelling on both cruises - @CCO, the process for this is different - please see internal information below. 

On board spending money

If on board spending money is only on one booking and not the other, it cannot be transferred to the next cruise. It must be used on the cruise that the credit has been applied to. 

Check in and embarkation

In our home port of Southampton, there is no need to disembark and check in again if travelling on back to back cruises. Guests should simply visit Reception to re-register and activate their on board account for the second cruise.

They can, of course, disembark in Southampton should they wish to take in the sights or do a little shopping before returning to the ship and setting sail on their second cruise. 

Guests should collect their new cruise card from Reception on board the ship first and ensure they show this at the cruise terminal once they return. They will still be required to go through a security check every time they board.

In the interests of safety on board, guests will be asked to attend both muster drills at the beginning of each cruise.

International ports

If the embark/debark port is overseas, some ports require a face to face Immigration Inspection. These will either be conducted on board the ship or ashore, details of this will be provided once on board and are subject to operational requirements.

US ports

All guests must disembark regardless of nationality and whether they are in-transit or not to pass through the Immigration and Customs Inspection with CBP (Customs and Border Protection). CBP relates to US cruises only. 

The zero count, requiring everyone to disembark is a CBP requirement.

Additional Information

Please note: 

  • If travelling on back to back cruises, some elements of the initial cabin set up will only be provided when guests embark on the first of their consecutive cruises.
  • For P&O Cruises only: Please make the booking for both applicable cruises and complete the webform ( with both booking references so that the 10% discount can be applied. A revised booking confirmation will then be sent with the applicable discount applied.

Emergency assistance

  • You must ensure to ask every guest “In the unlikely event of an emergency, would anyone on the booking need assistance?”. If they would require assistance, please add the relevant level of support to Polar Online using the "package list" option. If a guest is bringing a mobility scooter or wheelchair on board, you must add evacuation chair assistance for them. However, it’s not possible to add this resource to existing bookings. If this step is missed or needs to be added post-booking, please complete the Partnership Helpdesk Webform and we'll come back to you as soon as possible. For bookings sailing within the next six months, you should call the Partnership Helpdesk for urgent support.
  • If the guest has mobility or accessibility requirements, they must complete their "Your on-board needs" questionnaire via My Cruise as soon as possible after booking and no later than two weeks before they sail. You can send them a reminder to do this by following this process guide.
  • We have a range of how-to-guides on Shine Rewards Club. Please click here for Cunard and here for P&O Cruises.
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