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What entertainment / guest entertainers can I expect at the Limelight Club or 710 Club?

Guest entertainers perform in the Limelight Club (exclusive to Britannia, Iona and Arvia) and the 710 Club (exclusive to Iona and Arvia only). This venue is available to guests aged 18+.

The Limelight Club (exclusive to Britannia, Iona and Arvia)

Guests can get cosy beneath the low lighting of The Limelight Club as they prepare for a show-stopper of an evening. Featuring entertainment by one of Britain’s best-loved musical talents, this exclusive show is bound to dazzle and delight. Paired with a sumptuous three-course supper that’ll have taste-buds tingling, the limited capacity of this exclusively-for-adults venue makes for an intimate atmosphere. We recommend booking in advance to avoid losing a place in this sought-after hotspot. More than just an event, The Limelight Club is a feast for the senses, an experience guests can take away with them. How’s that for a souvenir?

  • Pricing (including three-course dinner) - If pre-booking, prices from £25.00 - £28 (price dependent on act) - up to £35 if booking on board (price dependent on act).

The 710 Club (exclusive to Iona and Arvia)

Atmospheric and low-lit, the club will serve up live music with an unmistakably vintage vibe, stylish cocktails and the most important ingredient of all; a little escapism, to ensure the good times continue long into the night. 

Gary Barlow is bringing his vision and personality to The 710 Club, exclusively on Iona. Exclusively for adults, its stage will light up to the sounds of its talented resident band; a group guided by Gary. Yet his involvement runs far deeper; to choosing music for the club, guiding future performers and playlists and even shaping the interiors and signature cocktails.

Having performed at countless pubs and clubs at the start of his career, Gary loves to see up-and-coming talent catch that all-important break and this is exactly what The 710 Club is all about. The club will showcase a new guest performer every month, giving new talent the chance to shine, while the resident band will weave their own spell with numbers inspired by Gary’s life, loves and musical style, creating atmospheric sets that have been crafted for the true music lover.

Please note, guest entertainers on board are subject to change.

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