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How do I contact friends or family on board?

Via mobile phone

A mobile phone service is available on-board our ships while we’re out at sea (subject to connectivity). When the ship approaches port, the land based mobile phone service will become available and the ship’s service will be switched off. Most mobile phone providers have agreements with the ship’s service provider (Telenor). Costs are usually higher than making an international call to or from a mobile phone.

Further details are available via "Can I use my mobile phone whilst on board?".

Via email

Guests on board can access their own personal email account by connecting to the Guest WiFi network whilst on board, using their own mobile device/tablet/laptop, or by using a computer in the ship’s Internet Centre in the Library where available*. 
Accessing the internet on board incurs charges whether using the wifi or using the ships' Computer Centres (the costs are the same however you access it).
If you do not have a personal email address and want friends and family back home to be able to contact you, you can give them the below email addresses and we will pass the message on to you. A small charge (approximately £1) will be applied to the on board account. The email needs to include your name and cabin number within the subject line of the email.


Contacting ships' company via email

Please note these email addresses cannot be used to contact any members of the ships' company. If you are a friend or relative of the ships' company, please contact them via their personal email account.

You may also find the following question helpful: Can I access the internet on board?

Via ship's satellite telephone

It is very easy to call all of our ships at sea from the UK. Calls may be received any time by our reception team whether the ship is in port or at sea, as long as there is a satellite connection. Please be aware that it may take some time to locate the guests and bring them to a phone. If the guest is not in their cabin, a message can be taken and delivered to their cabin.

Please call:

0800 917 1584 If calling from the UK

+1732 335 3264 If calling from outside of the UK

+1877 266 1019 If calling from the US

Callers will be asked for their credit card number and the card's expiry date, along with the name of the family member or friend and their cabin number will need to be provided in order for the call to be connected. Charges will commence once the phone starts ringing. If the family member or friend is not available, a message will be taken and delivered to their cabin.

*All prices listed below are subject to change. Please check with your service provider for accurate costs.

Calls will be charged at £5* per minute no matter where the ship is in the world (when calling from the UK). Due to the demands placed upon our satellite network, calls will be limited to a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

An American Call Charge is applied in addition to the £5* per minute call charge.

You will also be required to "press the pound sign on your keypad" when entering details. For those based in the UK, the pound sign is equivalent to the hash (#) key.

In an emergency, they can also contact our Customer Contact Centre (please visit our website for contact details), who will contact the ship on their behalf.

If you don't have access to a credit card, then you can use the Inmarsat numbers as detailed below. These lines are charged at approximately *£7.20 per minute, however this may vary between providers, so please check with your telephone provider first. The ocean code should be dialled first followed by the number(s) below:

Connection to the ship is via satellite and is therefore dependant on an available signal.


Generic Ocean Code: 00870


773238012 / 783254634


02380 655634


764906755 / 764906754


765050836 / 765050839


773929606 / 773929608




764843559 764843562


There may be times where the ship is not receiving a satellite signal, which may result in you being unable to contact the ship for a short period.

If you experience difficulties contacting the ship, in case of emergencies, you may call our Customer Contact Centre (please visit our website for contact details), where a message can be passed on. 


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