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What type of plug sockets / voltage are used on board and where are they located?

Standard UK three pin plug sockets are used on all ships across the fleet. Shaver points are also located in the bathrooms*.

The standard electrical supply in the United Kingdom is 50HZ (cycles) and 240V. The supply on board is:

  • Arcadia - 220V / 110V / 60HZ
  • Arvia - 230V / 60HZ
  • Aurora - 220V / 60HZ
  • Azura - 230V / 115V / 60HZ
  • Britannia - 230V / 120V / 60HZ
  • Iona - 230V / 60HZ
  • Ventura - 230V / 115V / 60HZ

The above voltage is sufficient to charge electrical equipment such as laptops and cameras.

Location of plug and shaver sockets

Typical location of plug sockets on all ships are:

  • Bathroom shaver* 1 x socket (Multiple - 110 & 220v)
  • By the dresser table and near the telephone X 2 sockets (220v / 240v)
  • By the TV near the bed x 3 sockets (110v)
  • By the TV near the sofa x 2 sockets (110v)
  • By the tea tray set-up and near the fridge x 1 socket (220v)

There are some variations on this depending on the ship and type of cabin.  


Arvia and Iona

Arvia and Iona have sockets on the dressing table (number varies on cabin type) and adjacent to the bed (except in single cabins). In addition, there are USB ports by each lower bed which are usually under the light. *Whilst Arvia and Iona are advanced in many ways, these ships don't have shaver points in the cabins (other than in Suites) as part of the balance in our excel class ships' offering. A shaving adaptor can be asked for on request from your cabin steward.



Please find pictures taken from a Balcony cabin on board Arcadia:

Arcadia plug sockets   Arcadia plug socket

The picture below is of the plug socket in the bathroom on Arcadia, which can be switched over to be either 240v or 115v:

Bathroom plug



Around the cabin 4/5 sockets - 230V
Dresser table 1 socket - 125V
Bathroom shaver socket - 120V / 230V

Please note, Britannia shaver sockets have US 2 pin sockets (which require an adaptor) to be able to use a UK 3 pin plug.


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