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Where can I find more information about shareholder benefits?

Quick guide to shareholder queries 

Query  CCO Action
  • Guest wants to understand how to submit / or submit a shareholder claim.

1. Direct them to our dedicated shareholder page: 

2. Guest will need to contact Stockperks through the app process.

  • Guest has an issue submitting a claim though the Stockperks application. 
Contact Stockperks - 
  • Guest disputes the outcome of the On Board Credit  request.

1. Review the booking. 

Things to consider: Is it an excluded booking? (F&F/ Net rate/ Complimentary booking etc)

2. Respond using FAQ’s or The Navigator page. 

  • Guest has a complaint. 

1. Follow the complaints process

2. Can you help on the call? If not, log a case for response.  


  • A minimum of 100 Carnival plc or Carnival Corporation shares are required to enjoy the shareholder benefit of additional on board credit.
  • To apply your shareholder benefits to a booking, these must only be sent to us after the balance due date of 90 days prior to departure, and no later than 14 days prior to departure. Any late bookings made within the 14 days will not be eligible for shareholder benefits.
  • Shareholder benefit is available for cruise departures up to and including 31 December 2024. Details can be found on
  • For information on what on board credit can be used against, please see “Once I am on board, what purchases can I use my on board spending money against?
  • Shareholder benefits are non-refundable/transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash on any of our facilities.

Who do shareholder benefits apply to?

  • Shareholder benefits apply to the stateroom that the shareholder is travelling in and can be applied to most fare types*.
  • If there’s more than one shareholder travelling in the same stateroom, benefits for only one of the shareholders will be applied to the cabin and not for each shareholder.
  • Shareholder benefit is granted in addition to any on board spending money already given.
  • Shareholder benefit is not allocated per World Voyage sector, but is granted per booking reference. If a World Voyage has been booked, the maximum $250 shareholder benefit is available as a 13 night voyage or longer.
  • If a back-to-back voyage has been booked with two booking references, shareholder benefit will be allocated per duration of each voyage booking reference.
  • You do not need to be the lead guest to enjoy the benefit. Shareholder benefit will be allocated to the shareholder. If the shares are held in joint names, the on board spending money will be granted to one name on the booking.
  • Shareholder benefit can only be applied to the person who holds shares and isn’t transferrable.

*Colleagues, travel agents cruising at travel agent rates or using Shine Reward points, tour conductors or anyone travelling on a staff reduced rates, Nett rates, Travel Industry rates, or on a complimentary basis are excluded from this offer. All other fares types, including any on board spending money benefits, are currently combinable with shareholder benefits.

Who should I contact for shareholder queries and/or to apply my benefits to my booking?

Guests will be required to have current proof of shares prior each departure via the Stockperks app, this can be actioned through registering their broker account or by providing Cunard with evidence of their shareholdings. 

The Stockperks app is a swift, secure and automated way to validate your holdings and request your on-board credit benefits. Please click here to watch a video which shows how to use the app and click here for FAQs about Stockperks.

What benefits are available for shareholders?

All our shareholders with the required minimum of 100 shares will receive the below benefits:

On board spending money per stateroom
Six nights or less $50
Seven - 13 nights $100
14+ nights (including World Voyage) $250

Where can I buy Carnival Shares?

  • To purchase shares in Carnival Corporation and/or Carnival plc please contact your bank, broker or look online.
  • Our Registrars are Equiniti Ltd and you may purchase Carnival shares from them on: 0371 384 2030
  • Equiniti will also help you with further share information regarding current share price, dividends, etc. You can also request proof of shares from Equiniti to submit with your Stockperks on-board credit request. 
  • Carnival Corporation extends the benefit to our shareholders - click here to see the Annual Report (United Kingdom brands are P&O Cruises (UK) and Cunard Line).

Additional Information

If a guest calls regarding the application for shareholder benefit, please refer them to Stockperks and the useful links for further information. 

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