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How much luggage can I bring with me?

For voyage only purposes, there is no restriction to the amount of luggage you can bring on board, as long as it can be stored safely in your stateroom. 

Weight restrictions

Each case may weigh a maximum of 23kg due to health and safety reasons.

If an individual piece of luggage exceeds 23kg at embarkation you will be recalled to the terminal and asked to remove items or repack your bags.  Your baggage may also be delayed at disembarkation if you exceed this limit.

Coach transfers

You can take three medium-sized suitcases, each weighing no more than 23kg and a small piece of hand luggage.  For further details, please contact Cruise Connect directly on 0344 338 8690 (Calls are charged at local rate, plus your telephone company’s network access charge) from 8.30am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday, and 9.00am to 4.00pm on Saturdays.

For further details on Southampton transfers please see our question - Are coach transfers available to / from Southampton?

Flying to join the ship

Airlines have strict guidelines so you must adhere to these. Scheduled flight luggage allowances may differ, so please check with your airline prior to travel. While some airlines have an allowance that is greater than 23kg, we request that no bag weighs more than 23kg to ensure safe handling by our ships' company. 

The allowance varies by airline, destination, class of travel and ticket type (in some instances your baggage allowance may differ from the airline’s standard amount due to agreements we may have with the airline). 

Please be aware that your baggage allowance may not always be the same for all flights in your itinerary and that allowances on UK domestic routes may be less than on international routes.

Your baggage allowance can be found on My Cunard.   

Suit carriers

We would suggest you carry your suit carrier to avoid any accidental damage during the loading process along conveyor belts where straps, handles or the bag itself may get caught and tear.

Please note, suit / dress carriers form part of your flight luggage allowance where applicable.

Wedding parties 

For Southampton Departures Only:
You are welcome to bring as many luggage items with you as you wish ensuring it can all be stored safely in your cabin. Each piece of luggage must weigh no more than 23kg.

If you prefer not to pack your wedding dress and/or suit in your main luggage you may carry these on in dress or suit bags with clear labels stating name & cabin number. You will still be required to put these through the luggage scanner at the terminal. 

Please call the Ceremonies at Sea team on 4190 if you have any queries. 

Additional Information

Cunard - Luggage Forward - courier service

Cunard offers White Star Luggage Service, which is provided by a reputable carrier and is available exclusively to Cunard guests.

Please see the question How do I arrange luggage transfers with Luggage Forward? for further details.

Fly Cruises

When flying to meet the ship, both the charter and scheduled flight luggage restrictions vary, but are usually between 20 and 23 kilograms per person. Please visit the Flights page of your My P&O Cruises online to confirm. If your airline allowance is greater than 23 kilograms, we ask that no individual item of luggage weighs more than 23 kilograms, in order to be safely handled by the ships' company.

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