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What is the baggage allowance on my flight?

The baggage allowance varies by airline, destination, class of travel and ticket type (in some instances your baggage allowance may differ from the airline’s standard amount due to agreements we may have with the airline). 

Please be aware that your baggage allowance may not always be the same for all flights in your itinerary and that allowances on UK domestic routes may be less than on international routes.

Your baggage allowance can be found on My Cunard.   


Excess Baggage

If your baggage exceeds the maximum allowance you may be liable for an excess baggage fee.

Excess baggage rules vary considerably, therefore we recommend you call our Customer Contact Centre on 03453 550 300 (local call charges apply) for clarification on your individual booking.

Travel Agents please call 0344 338 8656. 

Hand Baggage Advice

Put any valuables and essentials in your hand luggage, plus swimwear and a change of clothes should you arrive on board the ship before your suitcase – as it can take some time to deliver all those bags to the cabins on board! Remember to pack carefully, as the hand baggage allowances vary considerably by airline. Some airlines allow a small handbag or laptop bag in addition to the defined cabin bag, but other airlines only allow one piece per person.

Hand baggage restrictions vary by carrier and flight. Please ensure that you check the weight limit and the maximum dimensions on your airline’s website. Failure to adhere to their allowances may result in your hand baggage being transferred to the aircraft hold (in which case additional charges may apply).

If you are travelling with children, hand luggage restrictions may vary from the standard allowance, so we recommend that you check with the airline directly.

Airlines must adhere to government issued regulations. If you need to carry specific items in your hand luggage, visit the Gov.UK website: for the most up to date information and advice, to ensure that you don’t carry any restricted items through airport security.

Below is a summary of hand baggage restrictions, please note that all information is subject to change and Cunard has no control over such restrictions:

Liquids - Wherever possible you should pack liquids in your hold luggage as containers taken in hand luggage must not hold more than 100ml. Liquids include (and are not limited to) all drinks, some foods, pastes, make-up, medicines and a variety of other solutions.  


Baby Food - You are permitted to take enough baby food, baby milk and sterilised water in your hand luggage required for your trip. Specific allowances vary by airline and we recommend you check with them before you travel.

Insulin, Pen Injection Device or Needles and Medication - If you need to carry insulin, needles or a pen injection device on board the aircraft, please call our Customer Contact Centre on 03453 550 300 (local call charges apply).

Please note:

  • Insulin should be carried as hand luggage and not in the aircraft hold where it may become frozen
  • Insulin and all other medicines should be identifiable, preferably in its original packing

You should carry a prescription or a supporting written statement from your doctor to avoid problems with security or customs.

Most airlines are able to provide a sharps box on board for disposal of needles, lancets, syringes or empty insulin cartridges. Should you require a sharps box, please ask the cabin crew and they will provide one for you. 

There are no conventional fridges on board the aircraft. Should you need to take medication which needs to be stored in a cool place, we would recommend you bring a cool bag with you. Airlines may be able to provide additional ice on board. 

You may also find the following question helpful, Can I take medications on board or into foreign countries?


Electronic devices - The UK government has advised that guests must ensure that any electronic devices taken on board a flight in hand luggage are fully charged before embarking the aircraft. If you are unable to demonstrate that your phone or other electronic device can be switched on, you risk having the device confiscated at the airport which could also result in you missing your flight. You are also advised to switch on your electronic devices before you reach the security check areas to cut down on potential delays.

Pushchairs - You are permitted to take a pushchair on your flight. They are classed as "free baggage" and can be taken in addition to your baggage allowance. The pushchair will be taken from you at the gate and stored in the aircraft hold. After you land, the pushchair will be either be returned with your luggage or taken out of the hold and returned to you on the tarmac.  For clarification we recommend you discuss this with check-in staff when you check-in for your flight. 

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