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Can I bring oxygen on board?

Whilst we are happy to welcome guests on board who require oxygen via concentrator, we are still unable to accept guests requiring oxygen via cylinder, bottle or tank onboard.

If a guest is going to be travelling with CPAP, BiPAP (or any other mechanical ventilatory support) Oxygen concentrator or Peritoneal dialysis the guest should be advised to confirm fitness to travel on their chosen itinerary with their primary health care provider. They must also have full travel insurance that covers for all pre-existing health conditions. If they have any queries or require any additional support they should contact our medical team via email


If you require additional oxygen on a flight please see Can I fly if I have a pre-existing medical condition, reduced mobility or any disability that requires assistance?

Additional Information

If a guest wishes to bring this on board, please request a "Your on-board needs" questionnaire via Polar Online. The guest will need to complete and return this prior to boarding. The questionnaire ensures we are aware of their needs prior to their cruise. Please click here for a guide.

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