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What facilities do you have on board for guests who are deaf or hard of hearing?

Guests must inform us of any hearing requirements at the time of booking so that we are able to identify any extra services that may need to be considered, such as arranging emergency assistance and providing important information in an alternative format.

We recommend that guests who are deaf have, as a minimum, one-to-one assistance in the unlikely event of an emergency. This means in the event of an emergency, guests will have a member of our trained crew with them to assist. Guests will be asked to confirm whether they require assistance in the event of an emergency during the booking process. If the guest didn’t make us aware at the point of booking that they require assistance, then they need to contact their travel agent or the Customer Contact Centre urgently to confirm their requirements and complete a “Your on-board needs” questionnaire. These requirements will then be added to their booking, however this is subject to availability.


All of our ships are equipped with the following enhancements for guests who are deaf or hard of hearing:

Visual alert systems and textphones

Ameriphone (available on Arcadia, Aurora, Azura, Britannia and Ventura)

Ameriphones feature a wireless doorbell, vibrating pillow shaker and a pager with charger. This equipment allows guests to communicate with Reception and should also be used to alert the guest in the event of an emergency. Please be aware, the visual alert system will reduce surface space in the cabin. This equipment is requested via the "Your on-board needs" questionnaire and is available on a first-come first-serve basis. The kits are inventory controlled and allocated by Guest Support on receipt of the questionnaire. If CUK can’t provide a visual alert system for the guest, they will be notified prior to travel. If all visual alert systems have been loaned out, guests can be offered a ships pager as an alternative (if available).



LISA is a hearing assistance device for hard of hearing guests, which amplifies sound and provides visual indication. The LISA system is available on Arvia and Iona in accessible and partially accessible cabins only. LISA is not a replacement for Ameriphone and it doesn't feature a messaging system. Please contact to discuss this further.


Callisto (Iona and Arvia only) 

Callisto allows ship reception to send brief one-way only text communications directly to the guest’s cabin telephone. The text is readable from a small screen. Please contact to discuss this further.

Hearing loop

We are able to offer a hearing loop facility (which requires guests to move their hearing aid to the “T” position) at Southampton cruise terminals and at the Reception desks on board. In addition, we also provide an "infra-red" hearing support system within a large number of our theatres and show lounges - compatible headsets are available from Reception. This system is available in the following venues:

  • Arcadia – The Palladium (all decks) and The Globe
  • Arvia – Headliners Theatre, Crystal Limelight, Atrium, The Studio Cinema, Live Lounge, The Skydome, Arena Sports deck
  • Aurora – Playhouse Theatre and Curzon Theatre
  • Azura – Playhouse Theatre, Seascreen (via radio transmission), Malabar and Manhattan
  • Britannia – Headliners Theatre, Live Lounge, Crystal Room, Studio
  • Iona - Headliners Theatre, Grand Atrium, The Clubhouse, Ocean Studios, The Limelight Club and Aft terrace, Arena sports Deck 17&18, (the Listen Technology equipment that guests can borrow to use in the Entertainment venues is kept at Reception)
  • Ventura – Arena Theatre, Tamarind Club and Havana


Should guests require the use of the Infra-red system, please speak to the Production staff within the venue who can direct guests to the best location in order to utilise the equipment correctly. 


Our in-cabin emergency video offers closed captioning. The televisions within the cabins differ on each ship as follows:

  • Arcadia – No ability to have subtitles in the cabin
  • Arvia – Guest can activate themselves in the cabin by using the subtitles button on both VoD and Live TV (assuming the content has subtitles)
  • Aurora – No ability to have subtitles in the cabin
  • Azura – No ability to have subtitles in the cabin
  • Britannia – Guest can activate themselves in the cabin by using the subtitles button on both VoD and Live TV (assuming the content has subtitles)
  • Iona – Guest can activate themselves in the cabin by using the subtitles button on both VoD and Live TV (assuming the content has subtitles)
  • Ventura – Guests to request the Comms Manager Activates the subtitles

Theatre shows

We are able to provide a transcript of the songs during the theatre shows for guests who are deaf and guests who are hard of hearing. Please request this at Reception or with a member of the production staff.

Shore experiences

Should guests wish to book a P&O Cruises organised shore experience, we will endeavour to work with our local agents in advance of the cruise to obtain written commentary, but this may not be possible in all instances.


You may find the following questions useful: What assistance is offered to guests with a disability or reduced mobility? and Can I see a "Your on-board needs" questionnaire and guide / can we send one out?

Additional Information

  • You must ensure to ask every guest “In the unlikely event of an emergency, would anyone on the booking need assistance?”. If they would require assistance, please add the relevant level of support to Polar Online using the "package list" option. If a guest is bringing a mobility scooter or wheelchair on board, you must add evacuation chair assistance for them. However, it’s not possible to add this resource to existing bookings. If this step is missed or needs to be added post-booking, please complete the Partnership Helpdesk Webform and we'll come back to you as soon as possible. For bookings sailing within the next six months, you should call the Partnership Helpdesk for urgent support.
  • If the guest has mobility or accessibility requirements, they must complete their "Your on-board needs" questionnaire via My Cruise as soon as possible. You can send them a reminder to do this by following this process guide.
  • We have a range of how-to-guides on Shine Rewards Club. Please click here for Cunard and here for P&O Cruises.
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