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What facilities are available from the Medical Centre on board?

Whilst we are happy to welcome guests on board who require oxygen via concentrator, we are still unable to accept guests requiring oxygen via cylinder/bottle/tank or requiring Haemodialysis onboard.

If a guest is going to be travelling with CPAP, BiPAP (or any other mechanical ventilatory support) Oxygen concentrator or Peritoneal dialysis the guest should be advised to confirm fitness to travel on their chosen itinerary with their primary health care provider. They also must have full travel insurance that covers all pre-existing health conditions. If they have any queries or require any additional support they should contact our medical team via email

Medical Centre Facilities

The ship provides a private medical service and staff include doctors and nurses. Our medical facility has basic medications and equipment. Whilst we are able to offer an immediate medical response, it is important to understand that this is not the same as would be available in a land based facility and there is no access to surgical or complex intensive care facilities, advanced imaging or medical specialists. The Health Service onboard is a private medical service, so charges will be applied to your onboard account - you will be provided with a receipt for insurance purposes.
If an acute medical or surgical condition occurs, it could be life-threatening. Medical evacuations are not always possible and where arrangements can be made, they can be extremely expensive and may take hours or days to achieve.

COVID-19 tests are not available to purchase via the Medical Centre, however, testing can be completed by medical staff for guests who are symptomatic.


The following facilities are available within the Medical Centre for use by the ship's medical staff when caring for patients:
  • ECG
  • Nebuliser
  • Oxygen
  • X-Ray
  • Pathology including blood tests such as INR (International Normalised Ratio), FBC (full blood count), U&E (urea & electrolytes) and LFT (liver function test)
  • In-patient Ward
  • 24 hr Emergency Medical Services
  • Variety of medications
  • Intensive Care

These facilities are not intended or designed to provide ongoing treatment of pre-existing medical conditions and are only accessible following a consultation with the onboard Doctor. If you require a specific procedure on board, it may be necessary to speak with our Health Services Department prior to travel.


All our Doctors and Nurses on board our ships are fully qualified and trained to assist in emergency situations.

There is typically one Senior Doctor, one Doctor and approximately four nurses on board. The number of medical staff is dependent on the size of the ship.

Dental & Other Services

We do not offer dental services on board any of our ships.

We can supply the morning after pill.

Sharps Box / Medical Waste Disposal

A sharps container along with red (clinical waste) bags can be placed in your cabin upon request prior to embarkation and is also available from your cabin steward.

Medical dressings

Our medical team on board are able to assist should you require your medical dressings to be changed whilst on board your cruise, however, they are unable to do compression or pressure bandaging as this is a specialist procedure. For all regular / planned dressings, the guest is required to bring their own medical supplies with them along with a letter from their District Nurse outlining the treatment required on board. 
A simple dressing will cost you approximately £30. An advanced dressing will cost you approximately £65. *These prices may be subject to a consultation fee depending on your requirements. 


Whilst on board, should you require any medical assistance during your stay, you will be charged for the services provided which will be added to your on board account. A charge of £110 is applicable for a consultation prior to any treatment or medication (You will be advised on board if a consultation is required) and approximate cost for an INR is £150. Please bring with you your INR result booklet and make yourself known to the medical team onboard during clinic hours. **Costs are subject to change. 

Additional Information

If a guest requires any of the above services, please request a "Your on-board needs" questionnaire via Polar Online. The guest will need to complete and return this prior to boarding, the questionnaire ensures we are aware of their needs prior to their cruise. Please click here for a guide.

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