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Which cabins are suitable for a full time wheelchair user or a mobility scooter user?

Please see below the spreadsheet that displays fully accessible cabins, partially accessible cabins and cabins that are suitable for mobility scooter users. Please ensure you check the following descriptions of each cabin type to ensure this meets the guest’s requirements.


Accessible cabin sheet 


Fully accessible cabin
All of our accessible cabins feature wide doorways into the cabin and bathroom, as well as sufficient floor space for wheelchair manoeuvrability. All accessible balcony cabins feature ramped access to the balcony. The bathroom in all accessible cabins are a wet room style shower room with a flush threshold into the cabin and grab rails for shower and toilet, as well as a pull down shower chair. 


Partially accessible cabin (Arcadia only)
Arcadia is the only ship in the fleet to feature a number of partially adapted cabins, they feature a wider door way into the cabin and bathroom and a wet room style shower with fold down shower seat. However they are not suitable for guests who are full time wheelchair users.

Opening the door from within the cabin will require assistance from an able bodied companion and space is very limited for manoeuvring, we therefore advise some independence is required. These cabins can accommodate a mobility scooter, please note that there will NOT be sufficient space to use your wheelchair/scooter within the cabin and will also reduce space inside the cabin. For further information please see the question – What is the difference between a partially adapted cabin and a fully adapted cabin?


Suitable for a mobility scooter
Guests wishing to bring a mobility scooter must occupy an accessible cabin or one of the selected suites/mini suites listed on the cabins sheet above, subject to the dimensions and model of the scooter being suitable. If a suitable cabin is not available at the time of booking, guests are invited to bring a collapsible wheelchair as an alternative which will store safely in any cabin on board our ships. For further information please see the question - Does my wheelchair need to be a certain size?

These cabins have sufficient storage space to safely accommodate a wheelchair/scooter but are not suitable for a guest confined to their mobility aid as there is limited manoeuvrability access within the cabin. Please note access to the en suite is via a raised threshold and a step is required to enter the bath/shower. 


Charging your electric scooter
All scooters and electric wheelchairs can be charged in your cabin when not in use.

The standard electric supply in the United Kingdom is 50Hz (cycle) and 240V. It is therefore important that guests contact the manufacturer or supplier to ensure that the equipment is safe to use at 50Hz and the voltage is compatible. This is to ensure the equipment is not damaged or it performance affected.



Additional Information

If a guest is bringing a wheelchair, mobility scooter and/or has a disability please request a disability questionnaire via Polar Online, Please login to Complete Cruise Solution and select "Book and modify tab" and then select the option on the left hand side for the "CCS Booking Engine User Guide and How to Guides."

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