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Can I transfer my booking?

On occasion, it may be possible for you to transfer your booking to another cruise. There are however, some stipulations that you must adhere to.

Early Saver, Late Saver and other promotional fares (excluding Nett rates) cannot be transferred as per the terms and conditions of the booking.

Should you wish to transfer your booking, please take note of the below requirements.  If you have booked with a Travel Agent you must contact them to discuss your options.  If you have booked direct, please contact our Customer Contact Centre, please visit our website for contact details

Updated transfer policy - from 03 August 2022:

If guests wish to reschedule their holiday, they can take advantage of our fee-free flexible transfer policy if they have booked on a Select Price holiday only. Early Saver and other promotional fares (excluding net rates) cannot be transferred, as set out in the terms and conditions of the booking. As well as this, the transfer must meet the following requirements:

  • Guests can transfer their booking once
  • Guests can transfer free of charge
  • The new booking must be of equal or higher value
  • Transferred bookings must be made outside of the balance due period, which is 90 days prior to departure of the existing booking
  • The new booking must sail within 12 months of the original departure date (or 6 months if transferring from a World Cruise, Classic Southern Hemisphere Journey, Grand Tour or Exotic Fly-cruise for P&O Cruises)

For bookings made prior to 03 August 2022:

If guests wish to reschedule their holiday, they can make one further booking transfer up to the date that the balance for their holiday is due. This is available on Select Price and Early Saver holidays. However, beyond this, the transfer must meet the same requirements which have been outlined above.

Future Cruise Deposit

Any Future Cruise Deposit against your booking will transfer to your new booking (in line with the above), you cannot however transfer your Future Cruise Deposit to another brand (i.e P&O Cruises - Cunard Line). You may still keep your Future Cruise Deposit and apply it to another P&O Cruises holiday as long as it still meets the Future Cruise Deposit terms & conditions.


  • If you are looking to make a name change on an existing booking, please see Can I make a name change on an existing booking?
  • Please also note that any additional elements to your holiday, such as shore experiences, gifts, hotel bookings and Speciality Dining venues will need to be re-booked. Any monies paid will be refunded accordingly. Booked flight seats will also need to be re-booked, however these are not refundable.
  • It's not possible to transfer a booking made directly with P&O Cruises to a travel agent. If you wish to change your booking to a travel agent, you must cancel and rebook at the appropriate charges.
  • Monies paid will automatically transfer from the original booking to the new booking (please see below regarding overpayment)

Additional Information

Information on transferring to a cruise with one way air

Please note that there is currently an issue when trying to transfer a booking to one with a one way flight. You will receive notification that flights are not available, however please check this by speaking with our Customer Contact Centre please visit our website for contact details.

We hope to have this issue resolved shortly.

Transferring a booking

Please refer to the "How to" guides here:

If you are transferring a booking and a "Your on-board needs" questionnaire was requested for the initial booking, you must now request a new form for the new booking.

Nett rates

Please note, if you wish to transfer a Nett rate booking to another Nett rate, this can only be done via 

Emergency assistance

  • You must ensure to ask every guest “In the unlikely event of an emergency, would anyone on the booking need assistance?”. If they would require assistance, please add the relevant level of support to Polar Online using the "package list" option. If a guest is bringing a mobility scooter or wheelchair on board, you must add evacuation chair assistance for them. However, it’s not possible to add this resource to existing bookings. If this step is missed or needs to be added post-booking, please complete the Partnership Helpdesk Webform and we'll come back to you as soon as possible. For bookings sailing within the next six months, you should call the Partnership Helpdesk for urgent support.
  • If the guest has mobility or accessibility requirements, they must complete their "Your on-board needs" questionnaire via My Cruise as soon as possible after booking and no later than two weeks before they sail. You can send them a reminder to do this by following this process guide.
  • We have a range of how-to-guides on Shine Rewards Club. Please click here for Cunard and here for P&O Cruises.
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