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What's the difference between a charter, scheduled and group flight?

Depending on the contacts that P&O Cruises has, guests could fly to/from their destination by either a charter, scheduled or group allocated flight. Flight processes will vary depending on which flight type the guest is allocated. Please contact the Partnership Helpdesk if you need to confirm the guest's flight type.

Charter flight

  • This means that P&O Cruises has booked the whole plane via the airline, so every guest on the flight will be going to join the ship. However, the operation of the flight is still managed by the airline. 
  • All TUI flights are charter flights.

Scheduled flight

  • This means that P&O Cruises' has arranged a place on the aircraft for our guests, however the flight is independently managed by the individual airline.
  • If a guest only wants to complete a sector of the World Cruise, but they need to meet the cruise at a particular embarkation port overseas, we can arrange flights to meet the ship - these will always be scheduled flights.
  • If the guest has decided to extend their cruise, they will be travelling on a scheduled flight.

Group allocation flight

  • In some cases, P&O Cruises may purchase a group of seats with an airline to ensure we are able to provide guests with a flight to match their cruise.
  • In most instances, due to data protection, we'll be unable to provide guests with the Group Booking reference, however some airlines do allow online booking management.
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