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Where can I find information about my flight?

Flight confirmations

  • A flight confirmation will be sent by email when guests make a Fly-Cruise booking (as long as the flight details have been confirmed).
  • If their flights are still showing as "TBA", they'll receive an updated air confirmation as soon as their flights are confirmed.
  • Should guests make any changes to their flights, such as upgrading their flight or changing the departure date, a new confirmation will be requested. This will be received via email the following day. At this stage, information will also be available via My Cruise on the itinerary pages.  

Boarding Pass

The Boarding Pass will be available via My P&O Cruises from approximately 21 days before departure. It contains both flight and cruise ticket information, and can be accessed by selecting Boarding Pass from the "Travel Documents" menu. The Boarding Pass contains:

  • Airline and flight number
  • Class of travel
  • Departure and arrival times
  • Departure terminal information
  • Baggage information

Boarding Passes can be downloaded from My P&O Cruises and printed up to two days prior to departure. We advise that guests print their Boarding Pass as close to departure as possible, as this will ensure they contain the most up to date information about the journey. It's important that guests carry these with them as proof of onward travel is required to enter some countries.  

Guests will be issued their Boarding Passes for the flights as soon as they check in for it.

Airport check in

  • For all charter flights, guest must check in at the airport (TUI, Maleth and Jet 2 flight numbers starting with 2).
  • Jet 2 group allocation flights can check in online, but BA group allocations must also check in at the airport. 

Secure guest data information

  • We're required to provide airlines with Secure Flight Guest Data for guests with air travel as part of their booking. This is applicable for flights into, out of, within and over the United States of America and all information is collected by the TSA (Transport Security Administration). The information required is full names of all guests as they appear on their passport (including middle names), date of birth and gender. 
  • Secure Flight is a behind-the-scenes program that enhances the security of domestic and international commercial air travel through the use of improved watch list matching. By collecting additional guest data it improves the travel experience for all airline guests, including those who have been misidentified in the past.

Additional Information

Allocation of flights to Fly-Cruise bookings

Scheduled flights

  • Flights may pull through on bookings as "XX TBA" or "XX 999". Please do not quote these flights as these times will not be correct.


Charter flights

  • Charter flights usually will pull through automatically whether these are confirmed or TBA. Please do not quote any "XX TBA" or "XX 999" flights as these flight times will not be correct. 


Group allocation

  • In some cases, we may purchase a group of seats with an airline to ensure we are able to provide guests with a flight to match their cruise. In most instances, due to data protection, we're unable to provide them with the Group Booking reference, however some airlines do allow online booking management.
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