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Can I bring, or can you provide, baby/infant equipment?

Yes we can provide the following items, subject to availability:

Bottle Warmers  / Bottle Sterilisers

Bottle warmers are available on all family friendly ships and we have a limited number of steam sterilisers.

The type of steriliser may differ between ships, however, they are electric self sterilising units and tablets are not required.

Queen Mary 2 & Queen Victoria bottle sterilisers available (subject to change)
Queen Elizabeth bottle sterilisers available (subject to change)

High Chairs / Booster Seats

High chairs are available in the main restaurants, please speak to the Restaurant Manager to request one. They are also available in the buffet restaurant for you to help yourself to. High chairs cannot be requested prior to embarkation. Booster seats are not available in the restaurant, however you are welcome to bring your own.


For further information please see the question - Are cots available for use in my cabin?


We do not provide pushchairs for infants/children on board, but you are welcome to bring your own and there are no restrictions with this. We do ask that you make sure that when they are not in use they are stored safely in your stateroom and not left in guest gangways/corridors.  What do I need to know if I am flying with children and infants?

Baby Food

For further information please view the question - Can you provide food for babies and infants?

Baby Baths

These are available on all ships. Please request this via the Housekeeping department on board.

Bed Rails

Beds rails are not provided on any ship in the Cunard fleet.

Nappy disposal units

These are available on all family friendly ships.

High Chairs

High chairs are available in the main dining room and also in the buffet restaurant. Please speak to the Restaurant Manager on board who will arrange this for you in the restaurants, or if you require a chair in any of the other dining venues on board.


To request any of the above items speak to our Customer Contact Centre please visit our website for contact details, please note that these items are subject to availability.

Alternatively, depending on availability, you may be able to request via the Accommodation Services on board. 

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