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Can I leave my luggage on board if I am travelling on part of a world voyage?

This service is dependent on the ship having sufficient storage and a charge of approximately $100* will be charged to your on board account (*subject to change). The limit is one item per person, with a maximum of two items per stateroom.

Please speak to the Purser's Office once you are on board to enquire about availability. If this service is available, you will be sent details whilst on board detailing what you need to do and when and where your luggage can be collected from when it returns to Southampton.

If arranging this on board, the web link will be accessible at no charge and the Pursers office will provide the required labels. Once in the respective ports, guests will go through customs and then hand over their luggage to a representative.

Information required when booking luggage

  • First and last name
  • Ship name
  • Sailing date
  • Booking reference
  • Stateroom number
  • Pre-voyage collection address and telephone number
  • Post-voyage delivery address and telephone number
  • Number of pieces to be shipped
  • Estimated weight of each piece
  • Declared value of each piece
  • Credit or Debit card

White Star Luggage

It is also possible to have your luggage collected from your home and delivered to the ship, or collected from the ship and delivered to your home if you are travelling on part of a world voyage.

This is organised by Cunard’s White Star Luggage Service™ provided by Luggage Forward®.

To schedule your shipment, please visit or call Luggage Forward directly. From the US or any other location call +1 920 231 5114, or from the UK call +44 2033 754769.

Please see the following question for details on how to arrange this service: How do I arrange luggage transfers with Luggage Forward?

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