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What information do I need to know if travelling on a back to back cruise?

Check in & Embarkation

In our home port of Southampton there is no need to disembark and check in again if you are travelling on back to back cruises. Simply visit Reception to re-register and activate your on board account for the second cruise.

You can of course, disembark in Southampton should you wish, to take in the sights or do a little shopping before returning to the ship and setting sail on your second cruise. 

You will still be required to access the ship through the terminal in the normal way, however, once you have collected your cruise card for your second, or subsequent cruise, you will be able to bypass the check in process and head straight down to x-ray and embarkation to come back aboard.

In the interests of safety on board, you will be asked to attend both muster drills at the beginning of each cruise.

International Ports

If the embark/debark port is overseas, some ports require a face to face Immigration Inspection. These will either be conducted on board the ship or ashore, details of this will be provided once you are on board and are subject to operational requirements.

US Ports

All guests must disembark regardless of Nationality and whether they are In-transit or not, to pass through the Immigration and Customs Inspection with CBP (Customs and Border Protection). CBP relates to US cruises only. 

The zero count, requiring everyone to disembark is a CBP requirement.

If guests do not want to go ashore during our stay in New York we advise that they can stay on board until final call then everybody has to make their way ashore whilst CBP complete their inspection.

Back to Back - Different Ship

If you are travelling on back to back cruises on two separate ships in the fleet and you require a transfer between Cunard ships in Southampton, we will arrange this for you if it is on the same day.

Full details will be provided on board.


On board Spending Money and Loyalty Benefits

If on board spending money is only on one booking and not the other it can not be transferred to the next cruise. It must be used on the cruise that the credit has been applied to. 

If you have booked a Logical voyage, which is when you book two or more separate voyages, as detailed in our latest brochure, under one booking reference you will receive one set of benefits for the duration of your voyages.

If you have booked a Logical voyage, which is when you book two or more separate voyages as detailed in our latest brochure you will receive one set of benefits for the duration of your voyages. There may be occasions where two or more sets of benefits are given during your voyage. This is dependent on the Ports that you visit during your voyage.


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