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What is the smoking policy on board?


The safety, comfort, and enjoyment of all our guests has always been a key concern at Cunard. With this in mind, as a direct result of the feedback we have received from our guests, we have amended our policy with regards to smoking on board Cunard ships.

All public spaces (with the exception of designated smoking areas) including restaurants and outdoor dining alternatives are designated as non smoking within the ship. Smoking is not permitted in staterooms, on balconies, or in public areas (with the exception of Churchill's Cigar Lounge, which is reserved for cigar and pipe smokers only). 

Electronic cigarettes 

Electronic cigarettes and vaporising devices, including those which do not emit smoke/vapour, are only permitted in designated smoking areas. Some countries have strict rules around the use of electronic cigarettes, please visit the foreign office website for information.

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Designated smoking areas on the open decks will be clearly signposted and noted in the Daily Programme. 


Travelling to the United Arab Emirates

Please note that the use and possession of electronic cigarettes is illegal in the United Arab Emirates. If you are arriving and/or leaving the country by plane, please be advised that any electronic cigarettes will be confiscated at the airport and you may face a penalty. If you are visiting any UAE ports as part of your cruise, please do not take electronic cigarettes ashore.


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