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How do I contact friends or family on board?

Via mobile phone

As mobile phone service is available on board our ships, the easiest and possibly fastest route will be to send an SMS text or call the guest's usual mobile phone number. When ships approach port and land-based mobile phone service again becomes available, the ship’s service is switched off. Most mobile phone providers have agreements with the ship’s service provider – Telenor. Costs are usually higher than for making an International call to or from a mobile phone. Further details are available via 'Can I use my mobile phone whilst on board?'.

Via email

Guests on board can access their own personal email account connecting to the internet while on board, using either their own mobile device/tablet/laptop via wifi or using a computer in the ships' Internet Centre. There are charges for internet usage and these are the same whether using wifi or a ships' computer in the library.

If you do not have a personal email address and want friends and family back home to be able to contact you, you can give them one of the below email addresses and we will pass the message on to you. A small charge (approximately $1.50) will be applied to the on board account.

The email needs to include your name and stateroom number within the subject line of the email.


Contacting ships' company via email

If you are a friend or relative of ships' company, please contact them via their personal email account.

You may also find the following question helpful: Can I access the internet on board?

Via ship's satellite telephone

It is very easy to call of our ships at sea from the UK. Callers are connected to the Purser's Desk and calls may be received any time whether the ship is in port or at sea, as long as there is a satellite connection. Please be aware that it may take some time to locate the guest and bring them to a phone. If guests are not in their stateroom, a message will be taken and delivered to their stateroom.

Please find the relevant telephone numbers below:

Queen Mary 2 00 870 773 235 723 or 00 870 331 062 710
Queen Victoria 00 870 764 817 752 or 755
Queen Elizabeth 00 870 765 067 260 or 263
If calling from outside of the UK please call 001 732 335 3272
If calling from the US please call +1877 266 0985


Please note that there may be times where the ship is not receiving a satellite signal which may result in you being unable to contact the ship for a short period. 

All prices listed below are subject to change. Please check with your service provider for accurate costs.

Please be aware that a connection via satellite can be very expensive at around *£6 per minute, you will be charged by the min and as soon as the phone starts ringing. Please refer to your phone provider for confirmed details of costs.

You will also be required to "press the pound sign on your keypad" when entering details. For those based in the UK, the pound sign is equivalent to the hash (#) key.

If you experience difficulties contacting the ship, in case of emergencies, you may call our Customer Contact Centre (please visit our website for contact details) where a message can be passed on. 

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