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Can I access the internet on board?

All of our ships are Wi-Fi enabled so you can access the internet on your own devices or via our terminals in the library or ConneXions. Satellite internet packages are available to purchase pre cruise or once on board.

You can also use your roaming partner - when near shore - or the Telenor network - when at sea. Charges for these connections are set by your network service provider and will be added to your mobile bill rather than your on board account. Please contact your normal service provider for data allowance and costs.

Internet time plans

The following Internet packages are available to purchase on all Cunard Cruises:

Plan Time Price Rate
Starter 30 minutes $15.00 ($0.50/minute)
*Gold 120 minutes $45.00 ($0.38/minute)  
*Platinum 240 minutes $80.00 ($0.33/minute)  
*Diamond 480 minutes $135.00 ($0.28/minute)  
960 960 minutes $220.00 ($0.23/minute)  
1920 1920 minutes $330.00 ($0.17/minute)  

Cunard Stay Connected brochure

Head to the Library or ConneXions on board to confirm your satellite internet package and redeem your credit – find out more in our Gift Catalogue.  Once you have booked your holiday, visit My Cunard to find out how to purchase internet credit.

Once on board, your internet credit can be used to purchase a satellite internet package. You can also buy internet packages at any time during your cruise. To do this, open a browser on your device, log on to the ship’s WiFi and follow the instructions. Alternatively, pop along to the Library or ConneXions; a good option if you need a little help.  

You can use your satellite internet package on any device, but not simultaneously on multiple devices. It is not possible to wire your device into an internet connection on board.

If you are on a back to back (two or more consecutive) cruise(s) please note that the satellite internet service may be unavailable during turnaround days when the ship changes from one cruise to the next.  

Free Internet for the Management of Medical Devices Onboard

Guests requesting free internet onboard to manage their diabetes with continuous glucose monitoring devices will be entitled to 1 x 100 minute Internet Voucher for each 7 days upon request from Reception onboard.

Connection speed

While we strive to provide the best possible internet service for our guests, it should be noted that the “at sea” performance does not match “at home” expectations and the service will be slower than terrestrial connectivity. 

We are unable to provide a guaranteed speed due to a number of factors that impact on performance. These include:

o Concurrency level (number of users utilising the system)
o Latency
o Geographical location
o Physical blockage
o Weather (both in the vicinity of the ship and at the terrestrial landing station)
o Satellite congestion
o Territorial bandwidth restrictions
o Onboard WiFi infrastructure variations


Access to email

You are able to access your own personal email account by using the internet facilities as detailed above.  If you do not have an email account, our Guest Computer Services Manager will be happy to help you set one up using the provider of your choice.

Printing and scanning

You can print pages in the Library or ConneXions; a small charge per page will be added to your on board account.  If you require a document to be digitally scanned, please speak to the Purser’s Desk.  

Complimentary Internet Time for Cunard World Club Members

  • Gold tier members of the Cunard World Club receive up to two hours complimentary internet time per voyage  
  • Platinum members receive up to four hours complimentary internet time per voyage  
  • Diamond members receive up to eight hours complimentary internet time per voyage  

Free packages for World Club members must be purchased in the normal way and will then be refunded at the end of the cruise. The free usage is per voyage, except on world voyages when it will be refreshed at the end of every financial sector. Any enquiries about World Club usage will be dealt with in the Voyage Sales Office in the Grand Lobby on Deck 1.

Internet station opening hours and locations

The internet stations are open 24 hours a day. Assistance is available at various times throughout the day and evening.

Internet stations are located in the following areas:

  • Queen Victoria- The Library on Deck 3 (24 hours) and Cunard ConneXions Classroom on Deck 1 - (9am-7pm, except when learning sessions are taking place)
  • Queen Elizabeth– The Library on Deck 3
  • Queen Mary 2– Cunard ConneXions iStudy on Deck 2


Stay Connected - calling home

Most people find their mobile phones work well at sea. You’ll see ‘Telenor’ or ‘90112’ if you’re connected to International Marine Roaming. Charges are added to your mobile bill. You can also use your cabin phone to make calls, charges will be added to your on board account.

Skype and video calling connections

The restrictions with available satellite connectivity and bandwidth make the use of Skype and other video calling (Facetime etc.) extremely unreliable and we do not recommend their use on-board.

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