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Can I access the internet on board?

All of our ships are WiFi enabled so guests can access the internet on their own devices or via our terminals in the library. Satellite internet packages are available to purchase pre-cruise via My Cunard or once on board. Cunard internet packages are day based, not minute based.

Cunard has now partnered with Starlink to provide our on board WiFi. Starlink innovation offers improved connectivity and bandwidth. Starlink is now fully operational on all Cunard ships, and Queen Anne will be launched with Starlink provided internet services.

Guests can also use their roaming partner when near shore or the Telenor network when at sea. Charges for these connections are set by guest's network service provider and will be added to their mobile bill rather than their on board account. Guests should contact their normal service provider for data allowance and costs. 

Guest access points

There are now guest access points, Wi-Fi receiver points, in all staterooms, meaning that guests will be able to access WiFi from the comfort of their own stateroom.


Internet packages:

Guest wifi benefits

The functions of the packages remain unchanged with Starlink.



Price per 24 hours for full voyage

Price per 24 hours

Essential Internet

Web browsing


Social media (includes text and images)



Premium Internet

Everything from the Essential plan

+ Video streaming

+ Music streaming

+ Video calling

+ Faster connection



Things to note:

  • Guests should head to the Library or ConneXions on board to confirm their satellite internet package and redeem their credit – find out more in our Gift Catalogue. Once they have booked their voyage, visit My Cunard to find out how to purchase internet credit.
  • Internet credit can be used to purchase a satellite internet package once on board. Guests can also buy internet packages at any time during their voyage. To do this, they can open a browser on their device, log on to the ship’s WiFi and follow the instructions to
  • Internet packages are available from a single device up to four devices to be used simultaneously. It is not possible to wire a device into an internet connection on board.
  • If guests are on a back to back (two or more consecutive) voyage(s), the satellite internet service may be unavailable during turnaround days when the ship changes from one voyage to the next.  
  • If purchasing via My Cunard, guests must purchase the internet plan for the entire duration of their voyage.
  • Internet packages are available to pre-purchase from the moment the guest makes the booking until three days before departure.
  • Packages begin when the guest purchases them. For example, if they log on and purchase the package at 09.30, it will expire 24 hours later at 09.30. It does not matter how much the guest uses the interent during the 24 hours.
  • For full voyage packages, they start when the guest purchases and ends on the morning of the guest’s disembarkation. These packages are dynamic, so the price changes depending how many days of the voyage have elapsed when they purchase. For example, a guest who purchases the package on day three of a voyage will pay less than a guest who purchases on day one, if they both disembark on the same day.

Connection speed

Please note, while Starlink can offer up to 200mbps, this is dependent on satellite availability. Therefore, there may be areas in which this service is not be available. We are continuing to investigate options and opportunities to improve connectivity as they arise. 

While we strive to provide the best possible internet service for our guests, it should be noted that the “at sea” performance does not match “at home” expectations and the service will be slower than terrestrial connectivity. 

We are unable to provide a guaranteed speed due to a number of factors that impact on performance. These include:

  • Concurrency level (number of users utilising the system)
  • Latency
  • Geographical location
  • Physical blockage
  • Weather (both in the vicinity of the ship and at the terrestrial landing station)
  • Satellite congestion
  • Territorial bandwidth restrictions
  • On board WiFi infrastructure variations


Access to email

Guests are able to access their own personal email account by using the internet facilities or their own device as detailed above.


Printing and scanning

Guests can print pages in the Library or at the Purser’s Desk. Guests in Grills suites can ask their Concierge for assistance with printing. A small charge per page will be added to their on board account. If guests require a document to be digitally scanned, they should speak to the Purser’s Desk or Grills Concierge.  


Complimentary Internet Time for Cunard World Club Members

If guests are a Cunard World Club (CWC) member, we are pleased that they will receive complimentary internet credit as a benefit of membership. This credit can be used to spend against our Cunard Guest Wi-Fi packages as detailed below (previously CWC guests received a free number of hours). Internet benefit will be automatically credited to guest's on board account and can be redeemed against the new Wi-Fi plans straight away.

At this time, credits can’t be redeemed prior to departure via My Cunard, meaning that guests have to wait until they board to purchase an internet plan.


Cunard World Club


$45 internet credit


$80 internet credit


$135 internet credit

Any enquiries about World Club usage will be dealt with in the Voyage Sales Office in the Grand Lobby on Deck 1.


Internet station opening hours and locations

Computers for use by guests are available 24 hours a day in the Library on board (except Queen Anne). Assistance is available at various times throughout the day and evening.


Stay Connected - calling home

Most people find their mobile phones work well at sea. Guests will see "Telenor" or "90112" if they're connected to International Marine Roaming. Charges are added to the mobile bill. Guests can also use their stateroom phone to make calls, charges will be added to their on board account.


Skype and internet calling connections

Guests can make internet calls usings apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and FaceTime if they have purchased the Premium package. 


Free internet for guests with disabilities or care requirements

Guests requesting free internet on board to manage their health condition or for an accessibility requirement related to their disability will be entitled to 1 x 120 minute Internet Voucher for each seven days upon request at point of booking or from prior to their voyage.

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