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Is there a casino on board?

Yes, there is a casino on board each Cunard ship.

Age limits

Only those over the age of 18 may use the casino facilities.

Opening times

  • Sea day: Slot machines; remain open at sea. Tables; 12:00 until late
  • Port day: Approximately 30 minutes after sail away until late.

Note: The gaming facilities within the casino are only available when the ship is in international water, opening times may vary by jurisdiction.

Facilities and location

Table games offered include, Three card poker, Blackjack and Roulette. Slot Machines cover a variety of denominations and remain open whilst ship is at sea

  • Queen Anne - Deck 3 - Details TBC
  • Queen Elizabeth - Deck 2 - There are 5 gaming tables (including Roulette, Blackjack, Three Card Poker and 40+ slot machines.
  • Queen Mary 2 - Deck 2 - There are 6 gaming tables (including Roulette, Blackjack, Three card poker, Heads up Hold'em*) and 50+ slot machines.
  • Queen Victoria - Deck 2 - There are 5 gaming tables (including Roulette, Blackjack, Three Card Poker and 40+ slot machines.

*Please note this is not the regular Texas Hold'em table

Payment options

  • Cash is accepted however no longer necessary in all Empire casinos. You can insert cash (notes) directly into any slot machine or use cash to purchase chips at any of the gaming tables. 
  • If you prefer not to carry cash - all of our slots are now equipped with the state of the art slot master system allowing you to purchase credits and cash out you winnings directly to your cruise card. You can also purchase chips at the gaming tables using your cruise card by simply handing it to the dealer.
  • Please note a credit card must be registered at check in or the front desk to use this service.
  • On board spending money may not be used for purchases relating to the casino.

Slot machines

All Empire Casinos operate 'coinless' slot machines. To play you simply insert your cruise card or cash (notes). For more information, please visit the Empire Casino on board.

Unused casino chips

  • Casino chips must be cashed in on-board. If you take chips home at the end of your cruise, they will be valid next time you sail.
  • Casino chips must not be posted to Carnival House and can't be refunded.

Player balance refunds

Outstanding Player Balances of $20 or greater may be refunded by cheque by contacting Guest Support.

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