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Can I take medications on board or into foreign countries?

Please ensure you have sufficient medication to last your entire cruise - we recommend that your medication is kept stored in its original packaging and you carry a copy of the prescription or doctor's letter with you. We also strongly recommend you carry an additional two weeks supply in case of any ship delay or unexpected extension to your travel plans.

Anyone travelling with controlled medications, injectable medication and/or syringes must carry a prescription and / or doctor's letter with them and the medications must be kept in their labelled dispensing bottles or packages. We recommend carrying all medications in your hand luggage when travelling and once onboard, they should be kept on your person or in a secure location in your cabin.

Whilst there are no issues bringing your prescription and /or over the counter medication on board some prescriptions, over the counter drugs, complementary therapies and other medicines that are available in the UK may be illegal in other locations in which we dock and from which we depart. For general information on taking medication into specific countries you may check

We do not permit guests to carry any medical preparations onboard that may contain CBD or other cannabis products. This is regardless of whether it has been prescribed medically. 

Please be aware that for some locations an import certificate may be required and penalties can be severe if banned substances are found when entering certain countries. If you are taking any medication and are in any doubt then please contact the embassy of the relevant country prior to your arrival.

Anyone travelling with medications and/or syringes should carry a prescription with them. All medications should be kept in their labelled dispensing bottles or packages. If the medications are "controlled" or injectable drugs it is also advisable to carry a doctor's letter.

Refrigerated medication

You are welcome to utilise the in-cabin refrigeration unit in order to store your medication if you should wish to do so.

Should there be insufficient space please contact our Health Services Department via email at who will advise if this can be facilitated. 

During embarkation and disembarkation, we would recommend that any medication that needs to be kept at cool temperatures is stored in a freezer bag / box to ensure it is kept cool before being transferred to the fridge in your cabin once on board. 

Additional Information

Please ensure a "Your on-board needs" questionnaire is requested via Polar Online. The questionnaire ensures we are aware of the guests needs prior to their cruise, guest will need to complete and return this prior to departure. Please click here for a guide.

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