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What is a family suite and how do I book one?

There are family suites on ArviaAzura, Iona and Ventura.

Iona & Arvia 

Please note, Iona and Arvia BA grades (Family Sea View Suites) are not the same as AZ/VE Family Suites and are bookable in the normal way, as you would other 3/4 berth Suites/regular cabins. Family Suites on Iona and Arvia do not have a balcony and are maximum 4 berth.

Iona layout

Azura and Ventura

These are graded as BE grade suites and consist of a balcony cabin with an internal cabin attached. A minimum of four and a maximum of six guest can occupy this cabin.



The first four guests occupying this type of cabin will pay adult fares unless promotional fares are in place which would be discussed with you at the time of booking.

These images are taken from Ventura's BE grade family suite and are similar to the family suites on Azura.

Our cabins are well equipped for the needs of the whole family, with many having additional beds.  In the majority of twin cabins, beds fold down from the ceiling or out from the wall, however in some the extra beds are sofa beds.  These are all detailed on the ship Ventura and Azura deck plans.

Ventura View from Master bedroom

Ventura Lounge Area 1 

Ventura Lounge Area 2

Ventura Supplementary Beds

Additional Information

To book a family suite, please call our Customer Contact Centre.

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