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How do I link/TWID bookings?

Linking two or more bookings (also known as TWID)

Travel with ID (A 3 digit code which can be a mixture of numbers and letters e.g AB5) should be applied to bookings where the guests are family and/or friends and they wish to travel and dine together. TWID enables us to seat the party together at the same table, in the same restaurant at the same dining time.*

Examples where you would TWID bookings include:

· Friends and family in separate cabins wishing to dine together
· A family where the parents are in one cabin and the children are booked in the other


Please note: TWID should not be used to cross-reference bookings if the guests do not know each other.

*Please note we cannot guarantee that linked bookings will be allocated the same dining choice and/or time or that cabins are in close proximity of each other. Bookings made under the P&O Cruises Select Fare will be given priority when tables are allocated.


You may find the following question useful - What is the minimum age a child can occupy a cabin to themselves?

Additional Information

For a guide on how to link (TWID) bookings on Polar Online please click here.

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