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How do I make a dining request on a booking?

Club Dining

Dining requests such as a request for a window table or table for two, can be added as part of the booking process via Dining request can be added on the 'Create Booking' screen from 'Table Request' drop down on the 'Dining and Bedding' section.

If you are adding a request after the booking has been made, select 'Manage Booking' enter the booking reference, then select 'Booking Information' you can then select a dining request from the 'Table Request' drop down box.

All requests should be added on Polar Online, no additional requests can be made outside of Polar Online. 



Freedom Dining

Please note that dining requests cannot be added to bookings confirmed on Freedom dining, this is because the time of table number the passengers will dine at each night will change. Passengers should make any requests known to their Restaurant Manager whilst on board.


Early Saver, Late Saver & Other Promotional Fares

Dining requests for bookings made on Late Saver and other promotional fares cannot be made as per the terms and conditions.

A dining preference (preference of type e.g. first, second or freedom and time) for Early Saver bookings will be collected prior to sailing and will be allocated as 2nd priority to those booked under the P&O Cruises Select Price. Passengers will receive confirmation of their dining once on board.

Please see: How do I submit my dining preference?


Dining as a Group

A TWID code can be added to all fare types for passengers wishing to dine together, however, please advise passengers we cannot guarantee these requests. In addition we cannot guarantee that linked bookings will be allocated the same dining choice and/or time or that cabins are in close proximity of each other.


For a guide on how to change a bookings dining time request please click here.

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