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What is the smoking policy and where can I smoke on board?

For the safety, comfort and enjoyment of all of our guests, and in view of the UK legislation banning smoking in public spaces, our policy on smoking on board our ships is as follows:  


Smoking is not permitted in cabins, on cabin balconies or in public rooms. It is permitted in designated areas of the open deck, although due to weather and/or cleaning process, these locations may change from time to time. 


E-cigarettes, including those which do not emit smoke/vapour, are permitted in designated smoking areas only. Although we recognise that electronic cigarettes are not covered by the UK legislation we have taken the decision to prohibit their use in all public areas and cabins in the same way as real cigarettes for the benefit of all of our guests. E-cigarettes are illegal or banned in some countries and governments are changing their laws as new research is revealed so always check where you can use them before you sail.

Safety information

All smoking areas will be sign posted as designated smoking areas. It is prohibited to throw cigarette ends or flick ash over the ship’s side because they can be drawn back into the ship and cause a fire hazard. Please use the receptacles and ashtrays provided and ensure that smoking materials are fully extinguished.

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