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Which cabin is right for me?

Welcome to your stylish retreat

After a day exploring ashore, there’s nothing quite like a little relaxation. Your cabin comes equipped with all the home comforts you crave including air-conditioning, tea & coffee making facilities, a comfy bed and pristine linen plus a television and in-cabin entertainment system for when you want nothing more than to cosy up with a film and some room service. You’ve also the discrete yet attentive service of your personal cabin steward (a butler in Suites) – a helping hand to keep everything spick and span.

Which type of cabin to go for?

Choosing the right cabin for you will depend on your approach to your holiday and your needs - everyone is different. Whether to go for an Inside, Sea View, Balcony, Mini-Suite or Suite is the first big decision. Some ships also have family cabins or single cabins. Of course, your budget is an important consideration, along with how much time you intend to spend in your cabin. 

Our Inside and Sea View cabins are perfect for those who prefer to be out and about enjoying the ship. For solo travellers, we offer Inside and Balcony single cabins on board the majority of our ships.  

Then there’s our Balcony cabins. There’s nothing quite like stepping out into your own private space where you can dine throughout the day and unwind in the ultimate room with a view. 

Our spacious Mini-Suites come with added luxuries including comfy sofas, whilst our butler-serviced Suites feature a lounge for entertaining, a dressing area and broad balcony with steamer loungers. 

The choice is yours. 

Choosing your cabin location

Beyond the type of cabin, it is worth considering which part of the ship you’d prefer to be based.  And this is when booking with our Select Price fare comes into its own, as along with a package of benefits giving you first priority for your dining choices, upgrades and a choice of on-board spending money, car parking or return coach travel, you have the opportunity to request a specific cabin (subject to availability). 

We want you to enjoy every moment on-board, so here are some top tips to help you on your way: 

Deck plans

You can view all our ships’ deck plans (found online on our website or at the back of our brochure) to view exactly where each cabin sits in relation to the lifts, restaurants, bars and pools, and what is above or below it. 

Cabins located below public deck areas

Early risers, keen to get up on deck for a leisurely stroll or jog before breakfast will find this a very convenient location. And the best bit? If you’re a keen swimmer, you’ll be near the pool too. 

However, if holidays for you are all about having a long, peaceful lie in and you’re sensitive to noise then it may not be the best choice. You see, our crew set out the chairs and sun beds on deck in the early morning so that they are ready and waiting for you, so some noise can be expected. 

Cabins located on the lower decks

Tenders (boats used to transport you to and from shore when the ship is unable to dock by the quay) and lifeboats will be lowered into the water from time to time for going ashore or safety drills. If your cabin is located above, below or next to a boat that’s being deployed you will hear the electronic mechanism when in use. Rest assured it’s unlikely to be used in unsociable hours. 

Cabins above, below or near our on-board venues

Every ship in the P&O Cruises fleet offers a fantastic choice of on-board dining, entertainment and leisure activities and therefore some cabins are located nearby to these venues. The evenings are when your ship, lit up and filled with the sound of music and the murmur of conversation, feels at her most alive. 

So, if you’re a night owl or simply like to let your hair down whilst on holiday, being above or below a disco, nightclub or theatre will be of little concern – you’ll be too busy enjoying yourself! However, if you prefer to retire earlier rather than later after dinner, it’s worth checking which venues are close by and what they’re used for; some remain open into the small hours. 

Travelling at sea

When your ship is at sea it is only natural that there may be some level of sound as the ship operates under normal conditions. Inevitably, if the weather or sea conditions change this can increase when you are outside, as well as inside the ship. To some of our guests this is part of the experience of a holiday at sea. Also, as in any hotel, keeping the interior at a comfortable and consistent temperature requires a significant level of air conditioning, which may be audible in localised areas of the ship. Whilst we do everything we can to minimise the levels of this there may always be unavoidable sounds in some public spaces and in cabins.

Additional Information

For more information about accommodation please visit Shine Rewards.

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