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Which ships have the enomatic wine system and how does it work?

The enomatic wine system is available on board Aurora, Azura, Britannia, Iona and Ventura in the following bars/restaurants:

Aurora - The Glass House and a self service wine system in the buffet The Horizon restaurant

Azura - The Glass House

Britannia - The Glass House, Sindhu and a self service wine system in The Horizon buffet restaurant

Iona - The Glass House and a self service wine system is in The Quays, Deck 8

Ventura - The Glass House and a self service wine system is in the Waterside buffet restaurant

The self service wine system has a selection of red, white and rosé wines available for you to choose from.

Ventura uses a Wine Card System, which can be purchased from the Beachcomber Bar - you may top up your card as often as you like with as much as you like.  Please note that a £5 deposit is required for the wine card which is refundable upon return of the card. If the card is lost, the deposit will not be returned. Any unused funds or credits on the card cannot be refunded.  To utilise this system please see how to use the Enomatic Wine System (example from Ventura's Waterside buffet).

Aurora, Britannia and Iona - you can use your Cruise Card for the Enomatic Systems.

Self-serve beer wall

Britannia and Iona also have a self serve beer station, which is located in the buffet area on Deck 16 on Britannia and The Quays, Deck 8 on Iona. Again, guests can purchase and pull their own pints using their cruise card - they just need to scan their card and follow the instructions.


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