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What are the measurements of my bed / cabin / bathroom facilities?

Bed size  
Double beds

66W x 72L inches

Single beds

33W x 72L inches

(34.5W x 77L Iona and Arvia Single Beds SZ / QZ cabins)

Bed frames

23.2 inches high, including mattress

Britannia: 23.6 inches, including cushion

Iona and Arvia: 25.4 inches, including mattress

Upper pullman 31.5W x 71L inches 
Space between upper / lower berths

The space between an upper and a lower berth vary between 27.5 and 32 inches. Some exceptions apply on  Arcadia, the space between the upper and lower berths is around 24 inches (applicable to LC, LB, LE & LF grades).


Ships  Arcadia, Aurora, Ventura and Azura Arvia and Iona  Britannia 
Height to top of mattress (approximate) 59 cm / 23.2 inches  64.5 cm / 25.4 inches 60 cm / 23.6 inches 

There are 2 x low depth mattresses’ (21cms depth) onboard for guests requiring lower transfer height. 

Contact Accessibility Team to check if availability of the depth mattress’s.

All guest stateroom and cabin mattresses for CUK ships do not exceed 24cms in height, and those on pullman’s will be 15/18cms height.  


Space under bed In many instances, there is sufficient room under the bed in your cabin to store your luggage.

14 inches


14.4 inches



7.4 inches (Penthouse)

12.8 inches (Mini-Suites)

12.8 Inches (Suites and all other cabins)

Azura/Ventura 13.2 inches
Britannia 13.2 inches
Iona 14 inches


Sofa beds View picture of sofa bed here
Single sofa beds 55W x 74L inches
Double sofa beds

60W x 80L inches

(Britannia: 55W x 72L inches)


5.9 inches high


Bedding size  
Single bed sheets 70W x 107L inches
Double bed sheets

122W x 113L inches


Dimensions of the bathroom facilities 

Dimensions of the bathroom facilities in Iona

Dimensions of the bathroom facilities in Arvia


Balcony railings

The height of the balcony railings are approximately 110cms high.  


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Additional Information

For more information about accommodation please visit Shine Rewards. 

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