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Flights - Frequently asked questions for travel agents



Are flights included in the cost of the cruise?

When guests book a Fly-Cruise with P&O Cruises, Economy flights from/to the UK are included. The airport included within the price varies by cruise and departure date. There may be an additional charge should the guest wish to amend the airport.

When flying on the day of embarkation/disembarkation, transfers to and from the ship will be included.

Unless otherwise stated, there will be a charge for infants. 

Can guests arrange a domestic flight to Southampton to join the ship through P&O Cruises?

P&O Cruises offers domestic flights on Logan Air for Edinburgh, Newcastle and Glasgow.

The guest has friends on a different booking who want to book on the same flight. Is this possible?

There's no guarantee that different bookings will be on the same flight.

The guest has friends who want to book on the same flight but don’t have a cruise booking. Can I do this for them?

No, P&O Cruises only books flights for guests who have booked one of our sailings.

How do I request an ATOL certificate for the guest?

ATOL certificates will show the flight details at 60 days prior to the sail date. You can send the guest an ATOL certificate by sending a booking confirmation. Please note that ATOL certificates aren't attached to the flight confirmation. 

The guest missed their flight. What can they do?

If the guest has missed their flight, or believes they are not going to arrive at the airport in time for their flight, they should contact our Customer Contact Centre.

We will work with them and our airline partners to discuss the available options and quote any additional cost they may incur. All tickets are subject to the airlines' rules and penalties.

The guest wants to book extra baggage on their TUI flight, can I add it on?

The guest must speak to TUI to do this. Information on how and when can be found under “What is the baggage allowance on my flight?”. P&O Cruises can add on baggage for medical reasons, so please contact the Partnership Helpdesk to confirm this. All other baggage is managed through TUI.

How does a guest book seats on a Jet2 (LS) Group?

The guest can book their seats around 60 days before departure on using their booking reference and surname.

How can I check an airline code?

This information can be found using an internet search. Some of the airline codes we use can be found under “What is the baggage allowance on my flight?”.

For airport codes, please view “What are the air cities/airport codes?” – this is not an exhaustive list.

Which terminal at the airport is the flight departing/arriving?

For TUI and EasyJet LGW (London Gatwick), they both operate out of North Terminal.

For British Airways LHR (London Heathrow), they operate out of Terminal 5.

Can the guest receive a new flight confirmation?

Please contact the Partnership Helpdesk for support.

I need to add a middle name to the booking but there are flights, do I need to call you?

If the flight is with TUI, P&O Cruises only needs to be contacted about this if we are within one week before the cruise. For other airlines (excluding TUI), please contact the Partnership Helpdesk to check the policy.

How far in advance can I look at flights?

Flights come into date range 11 months before departure. P&O Cruises can't give a rough estimate of costings based on flights currently in date range.

The guest has been advised that Premium Economy flights go on sale at a later date and they have now sold out. What can I do?

Premium Economy for P&O Cruises' charter flights goes on sale at the same time as the cruises.

What should I do if the guest needs medical seats on the charter flight?

Please send the guest a "Your on board needs" questionnaire.. They must complete this and return it to no later than 14 days prior to departure.

We can't guarantee that the guest will be allocated a medical seat as this is reviewed on a case-by-cases basis.

Medical seats are allocated within seven days of departure.

The guest has seen a flight online and wants to book this. What should I do?

P&O Cruises has cruise contracts which means we are limited in regards to which flights we can book. If there is a flight the guest wants that we don't have a contract on, we can't book it. All guests are welcome to book their own flights, but would have to make their own way to and or from the ship.

The guest has booked a fully adapted cabin, do they get a complimentary Premium Economy flight?

No, guests don't receive a complimentary Premium Economy flight if they book an adapted cabin.

The guest wants to book their seats, but the airline is telling them we need to issue the ticket in order for them to do so. What should I do?

P&O Cruises can't issue any ticket earlier than the 45 days before timeline that we normally advise. 

The guest wants to know why the flight details have changed. What should I do?

Any changes regarding the airline have been changed by said airline - P&O Cruises has no control over this. If there are any changes to their flights, we'll contact either the guest or the travel agent, however if a flight has any changes on the day of travel, it's the airlines responsibility to book them an alternative.

The guest has experienced a flight delay and is seeking compensation.

For TUI charter flights:

  • Guests should complete their claim online via email to  with the below details: full name / address / contact number (mobile) / email address / booking reference / planned and actual departure date / departure and arrival airport / flight number.


For Jet2:

  • Guests should email and include the following details: full name / address / contact number (mobile) / email address / booking reference / planned and actual departure date / departure and arrival airport / flight number.


For any other airline, the guest will need to contact the airline using their locator reference.

What is a Redress Number?

A Redress Number is a unique number you can obtain from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security if you share the same name as someone on the U.S. Watch List and have experienced difficulties during your travel screening when crossing U.S. borders. To apply for a Redress Number, guests should visit

Do you accept frequent flyer numbers, and can guests upgrade their Economy flight using frequent flyer points?

P&O Cruises can add the guest's airline frequent flyer numbers to their applicable airline booking if they're booked on a scheduled flight. 

While most of our airline agreements allow guests to collect frequent flyer points, they may restrict them from using any additional incentives, vouchers or discounts towards the flight. This information varies by airline, so we recommend guests check directly with the airline using their airline booking reference. The airline booking reference won't be displayed on the booking confirmation or flight confirmation.

In addition, some airlines allow guests to upgrade their flight booked with us using frequent flyer points. Guest can find out whether their flight qualifies for an upgrade using frequent flyer points by contacting the airline and quoting their airline booking reference.

How can guests book airport hotels?

Guests can book airport hotels through Holiday Extras via

Once they have made a booking, Holiday Extras will email a booking confirmation confirming the hotel details, directions, dates and times booked.

The guest wants to extend their holiday (either before or after their cruise), can they still use P&O Cruises' shuttle buses to/from the ship?

A guest may want to extend their holiday, either before or after their cruise. We can tailor their flights accordingly to match their plans - this is called a flight deviation. If a guest decides to deviate their flights and explore a destination independently, please make them aware that there'll need to make their own way to or from the ship on the day of embarkation/disembarkation, as transfer buses will no longer be available. When a guest on a charter flight chooses to deviate, they will then be put on a scheduled flight so will also need to make their own arrangements.

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