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How do I find a guest's URN?

You can locate a guests URN by searching for them in CRM.

The Brand URN is usually displayed at the top of the profile

You can also go to "Brand Information" which you will find on the left hand list of options.  You will then see their brand URN, if there is more than one URN for the brand, please only use the one which has 'Active' in the left hand column.

The other URN's are previously merged URN's which are no longer active.

Additional Information

You can locate a guests unique reference number via Polar Online in the "Sailing Search" screen using the guests telephone number. Once you have signed into Complete Cruise Solution you will need to:

1. Click on Book& Modify Online
2. Click here to proceed to booking engine
3. Select your cruise line
4. Create Booking
5. Enter your guests telephone number, without any spaces, into the Search box and press search (If your guest does not appear try searching without the 0 at the beginning of their telephone number or try entering a gap between the area code and number and search again). You will then be presented with the guests name and unique reference number.

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