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Can we scatter ashes at sea?

Due to enhanced COVID-19 restrictions onboard upon restart we are currently not taking new Scattering of Ashes bookings. 

It is possible to scatter ashes from our ships at sea but is dependent on certain factors and requires approval from the Captain in advance of the start of the cruise. In order for the scattering of ashes to take place, the ashes must be stored within a biodegradable container and the cremation certificate needs to be brought on board. The Captain or a Senior Officer will accompany you to an outside area, typically a lower deck and if requested they will say a prayer.

Flowers for the occasion can be purchased from the on board florist or brought on board from ashore as long as they are completely biodegradable. Once the scattering has taken place, the Captain will normally provide you with location details from the entry in ship's log.
Please speak to our Customer Contact Centre, please visit our website for contact details, prior to embarkation who will submit your request to the Captain.

Once confirmed you will receive details via email / post.  Times and dates may be restricted due to weather conditions and are finalised once on board. Scattering of ashes approval is always subject to change. Please note that the ceremony is not formal or religious and there is no charge to arrange a scattering of ashes. Please note that the scattering of ashes cannot be performed on cruises of 5 nights duration or less. The scattering needs to be performed on a sea day and must be at least 12 nautical miles away from land.

´╗┐Please note: ´╗┐We are not permitted to scatter the ashes of pets.

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