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Can I attend a religious service whilst on board?

 Will religious services take place? (RTS information in red)

Yes, we will continue to provide religious services, but in line with our new protocols there may be some reduced capacity and social distancing guidelines at that time will be observed.

Standard information:

Although we do not have a chapel aboard any of our ships, the Captain or Staff Captain will hold an Ecumenical Service each Sunday. This usually takes place in one of the theatres on board. 

A Catholic Priest will be sailing on board all future Queen Mary 2 cruises. There will also be Catholic and Protestant Priests on board Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth during key religious dates and festivals (Christmas & Easter) with services held accordingly.

There are occasions when a priest may also be travelling as a guest on board Queen Elizabeth or Queen Victoria who may offer their services. This would be an independent arrangement therefore cannot be confirmed in advance. Such services if and when available, will be advertised in the daily paper.

A Rabbi is on board for the four main Jewish festivals (Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot & Passover)

It is also a common occurrence for guests of the same faith to organise their own services on board, if the numbers are great enough, and this would be coordinated via the pursers desk. Guests will be required to arrange the attendance of clergy/religious representative. 

The above is subject to change.

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