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How far is the port from the main town, city or attractions?

Usually the ship will dock in the port and you will leave by the gangway.  In some ports, however, it is necessary to anchor a little way offshore and you will be taken ashore by tender.  These ports are indicated on the itinerary by an "A".  There is a possibility, in exceptional circumstances, that we will have to anchor outside of a port and use tenders to take you ashore, these are indicated these with a "PA".

On cruises that have a call at a port that requires use of the ship's tenders or the shore quayside, whilst every effort will be made to enable access, you must have some independent mobility in order to step into the tender and out of it on the shore side.

In most instances the port will be the main destination, although there are some exceptions where the main places of interest are not on the coast but accessible by coach or train from the port. An example of this is Rome. In these cases the main place of interest is shown with the port in brackets. e.g. Rome (tours from Civitavecchia). At these ports of call, and others where the ship berths some distance from the city centre, Cunard will arrange a shuttle bus service or a city transfer service.

With Cunard Fares shuttle buses will be offered free of charge in ports where they are provided by Cunard, but you may incur a charge if you book any other fare type. Guests who wish to go ashore independently of the Cunard tour programme will usually find local public transport connections and private taxis close to the port.


Our crew are not allowed to lift guests. Please be advised by our officers accordingly.

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