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Can I travel when I am pregnant?

Yes, depending on how far the guest is into their pregnancy. Guests must advise us that they're pregnant at time of booking or as soon as they are aware that they are expecting a baby.

Pregnant guests can travel with us up to the 24th week of pregnancy. If you enter the 24th week of your pregnancy at any point during the cruise (i.e. you are 23 weeks + 1 day or more at any point in the cruise), unfortunately, you won’t be permitted to travel with us.

All pregnant women are required to produce prior to travel a doctor’s or midwife’s letter on headed notepaper stating that mother and baby are in good health, fit to travel and the pregnancy is not high-risk. The letter must also include the estimated date of delivery (EDD) calculated from both Last Menstrual Period (LMP) and ultrasound (if performed). The letter should be sent to the Health Services Department via 

You may wish to direct guests to Cunard's page on pregnancy.

Can guests cancel their booking free of charge if they're pregnant?

Yes, providing they were not aware that they were pregnant prior to booking and that they will be entering their 24th week (or more) by the final date of their voyage (appliciable to the pregnant guest only). Guests will be required to supply written confirmation from their doctor or midwife of their estimated due date on practice headed paper with a practice stamp to our Medical team who will place a note on the booking. If the guest made their booking through a travel agent, they should contact them after sending the above to the following address:

Medical Department
Carnival UK
Carnival House
100 Harbour Parade
SO15 1ST

Or email:

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