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Do you have kennels on board?

Kennels are only open on Queen Mary 2 during Transatlantic voyages between the following ports of embarkation/disembarkation for dogs and cats only - no birds.

  • Southampton
  • Hamburg
  • New York

Dogs must have their own kennel and cannot share a kennel with other dogs, cats are allowed to share a double kennel with another cat.


Upper kennel $800*
Lower kennel $1000*
Cats require two upper kennels $1600* (This is two upper kennels, one kennel is for the litter box)
As a cat requires two kennels, there is no charge for a second cat

*prices are subject to change.


How to Book

Please check kennel availability by calling the Queen Mary 2 Kennel Dept on:

  • 0345 355 3355 (2pm to 9pm) if calling from the UK. The caller may need to input the extension number 22850 (Contat Centre Staff can transfer internally on Ext. 7604)
  • 0044 808 234 3096 if calling from Germany
  • 1(800)5286273 if calling from the US
  • If booking outside of these hours please email to check availability, you can then make the booking as normal whilst you wait to hear back from the kennels department (If there is no availability, the booking can be cancelled free of charge). The Kennel department is open Monday - Friday 6:00am - 5:00pm (PST) and Saturday and Sundays 6.00 - 2.45 (PST).


If there is availability on Queen Mary 2 Kennels then please call our Customer Contact Centre, please visit our website for contact details, to make a booking. Please note there is a waitlist facility for kennels.  


When making your booking, the following details will be required:

  • Pet Height in inches (from floor to shoulder)
  • Pet Length in inches (from tip of nose to base of tail)
  • Pet weight in pounds
  • Pet Age at time of sailing 


When arriving at check in, guests must make themselves known at the enquiries desk and the Kennel Master will be called to collect the pet.


Vaccinations and Certification

If you are coming from a non-EU country, other than the USA, please be advised that it is your responsibility to check with DEFRA for the requirements to enter the UK.


If travelling from New York to Southampton: all pets must be:

  • Fitted with a microchip
  • Vaccinated against rabies and tapeworm
  • Issued with an official PETS certificate, official PET passport or 3rd country certificate
  • Tapeworm treatment is required for dogs 1-5 days prior to departure


If travelling from Southampton to New York: all pets must have been:

  • Issued with a current Health Certificate (the health certificate should show that the dog or cat was examined by a veterinarian within 30 days of entry of the dog or cat into the State of New York)
  • Had a rabies vaccination within 6 months to 14 days prior to Entry into the State of New York.

You may find the following website useful -

If you plan on re-entering the UK with your pet, you must adhere to the Pet Travel Scheme and a six month probation period is required. Therefore we are are unable to accept kennel reservations on back to back Transatlantic voyages departing from Southampton. 


Kennel Sizes

Now that Queen Mary 2 has been remastered there are 24 kennels in total:

  • 12 Small upper kennels are - 24.5H" x 35.5W" x 35.5D". A weight restriction of 25lbs or less applies.
  • 12 Large lower kennels are - 36H" x 35.5W" x 35.5D". A weight restriction of 26lbs or more applies.


We will also be enhancing the owners lounge area, a new inside play area, extending the outside walking area and enhancing the services offered.


Two kennels can be opened up to form a larger kennel though guests will be charged for the two kennels.



Breeds We Cannot Accommodate

Due to their size, we cannot accommodate the following breeds: Afghan, Curly Coated Retriever, Bloodhound, Gordon Setter, Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound), Great Dane, Briard, Greyhound, Irish Wolfhound, Irish Setter, Mastiff, Deerhound, New Foundland, Doberman, Pyrenees, St. Bernard, Saluki, Weimaraner, Bull Mastiff and Malamute.

If the dog is "small for their breed", Cunard kennels need to have exact measurements to ensure the dog will fit. The dog from the head to the floor and hind quarters must be less than 36" high and less than 60" long.

Dogs Prohibited by the UK Pet Travel Scheme:
Pit Bull Terrier
Japanese Tosa
Dogo Argentino
Fila Braziliero
or any mix of breed which includes these breeds.
These dogs are considered fighting dogs and are illegal in the UK.


Kennel Location & Opening Hours

Kennels are located at the rear of Deck 12 and are available for cats or dogs only.

Visiting hours are:

8:00 - 10:00
11:00 - 12:00
15:00 - 18:00
20:00 - 20:30

However these times may vary depending on the ship's operation. Full details will be available on board.

There is a pet play area and a dog walking zone available, please see the additional facilities below.




Animals are not permitted in guest staterooms or public areas
There is no Veterinarian on board
Dogs can be walked on to the ship on a lead or brought on board in a kennel
Cats should be brought on board in a kennel.


What happens at the terminal

  • You will be met in the terminal by the kennel master
  • A member of ship’s staff will meet with you to ensure you have all the proper documentation prior to boarding.
  • The kennel master will then escort you and your dog/cat to the kennel area on Deck 12.


Additional Facilities & Benefits

Pets will also receive the following benefits:

Fleece Blankets
Dog/Cat bowl
Selection of premium food - please request during the booking process. The ship will try to source the product or a similar alternative. 
Dog biscuits 
Cat litter

Kennel_Lifejacket   Kennel_lounge

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