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Which diets can you cater for?

All ships can cater for the following diets;

  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian fish
  • Low /no fat
  • Low salt /no salt
  • Lactose intolerant /dairy free
  • Gluten /wheat free /coeliac
  • Low cholesterol
  • Diabetic
  • Kosher
  • Vegan

Should you require any of the above diets please call our Customer Contact Centre prior to sailing (please visit our website for contact details).

Once on board, please make yourself known to either the Headwaiter or Restauarant Host to ensure a smooth process.

You may find the following question useful:  Can you provide a Kosher diet?

Nut Allergies

We do cater to guests with nut allergies. However these guests will need to call our Personal Cruise Advisors to inform us before they embark. We would strongly advise letting us know when making your booking.

We will endeavour to meet requirements but are unable to guarantee specific branded items. Meals will also have to be pre ordered the day before in some circumstances.

We do have a limited selection of nuts offered at the buffet during some meals. Many of the food items also do contain traces of nuts.

Food containing traces of nuts would be available in all venues including bars.

Please be aware some meals at the buffet restaurant will be made with nuts as the ingredients.

Milk Options

As well as cows milk we have a variety of options available on board.

Organic Bio Provamel Soya Milk (sweetened or unsweetened Long Life, no calcium), Goat's Milk, Lacto Free Milk, Rice Milk and Unsweetened Almond Milk are all available upon request. These are available as standard on board however please speak to a crew member to ask for these as and when you require them. 

If you require a high quantity of a particular milk, please send us an email to at least 8 weeks* prior to departure to ensure your request can be ordered.

*Requests can still be made within 8 weeks, however this request cannot be guaranteed and is subject to availability on board.

Wheat/Gluten Free Coeliac Diet

Our chefs can prepare a variety of gluten free meals and the main restaurants have gluten free meals denoted by the 'GF' symbol to enable guests to make an informed choice without having to pre-order. However, guests can make a request via the Maitre'd if you do not find anything suitable from the choices highlighted 

Gluten/wheat free bread, rolls, separate sauces, gravies, crackers, cereals, pasta, biscuits, wine and beer are also available and gluten/wheat free choices are available for afternoon tea and room service on request.  At the buffets, there is also a dedicated section for dietary products including gluten free items, for guests to help themselves to at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kosher meals

Please see the question 'Can you provide a Kosher diet?'.

Halal Diet

There is a limited range of Halal food available upon request, please note we cannot guarantee specific items.

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