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Can you arrange Shore Experiences/Excursions using accessible vehicles for those with mobility requirements?

Full Time Wheelchair Users

An 'Accessible Shore Excursion' guide is sent to guests who are full time manual and electric wheelchair users and those guests who advise they cannot board a coach. The accessible shore excursions information will be sent prior to their cruise.

This guide details what we can offer in the way of arranged excursions using an accessible vehicle and accessible port information. In the first instance the guide will be sent via email, if the booking is direct and no email address is present then it will be posted. If the booking is an agent booking and the passenger does not have an email address, this will then be sent to the agents email address.

Not all ports of call can offer the use of an accessible vehicle, so we will provide details of port information, such as: accessibility around the port, taxi information, distance into the main town, accessible toilets, accessible places of interest and where the nearest shopping areas are. 

Accessible shore excursions are charged to your on board account, if you are entitled to receive loyalty discount this will apply. Please see What are the benefits of the loyalty club?

An accessible shore excursion can be booked up to 3 days prior to sailing.

Part Time Wheelchair Users

A list of shore excursions are available via the Voyage Personaliser approximately 12 weeks prior to departure. Please note this does not include Accessible Shore Excursions.

For part time wheelchair users you will not automatically be sent the Accessible Shore Excursion guide unless you have notified us you are unable to board a coach. We would recommend part time wheelchair/scooter users take a standard excursion and store their wheelchair/scooter in the hold of the coach/vehicle providing this collapses.  

Should you prefer, you may request an Accessible Shore Excursion Guide be sent to you. Please call our Customer Contact Centre (please visit our website for contact details) or email

Coaches Used for Shore Excursions

If you are unable to climb steps to board a coach for your excursion you will need to select one of our accessible shore excursions or arrange for a private tour. To ensure we send you details of these tours approximately 12 weeks prior to travel, please complete the relevant section on the medical/mobility questionnaire as send back to us as soon as you can. 

Should you need to request a questionnaire, please call our Customer Contact Centre (please visit our website for contact details).

Tailor Made Excursions

Wheelchair users can join any shore excursion providing that the transportation used and excursion itinerary is wheelchair accessible.

We are also able to organise tailor-made private arrangements on request. Costs do vary from port to port and it is subject to the vehicle type and itinerary requested. For more details please see What is a 'Bespoke Experience'?

Not all ports of call can offer the use of an adapted vehicle. 

Transportation Standards

All of our adapted transportation vehicles and tours that are locally arranged are sourced from reputable and competent operators. They are fully insured, have safety management systems in place and comply with all prevailing local rules, regulations and standards. The health, safety and comfort of our passengers is paramount, however please be mindful that local country standards may not reflect those at home.

Tender Ports

At ports where the ship is unable to dock alongside the berth, guests are usually taken ashore by the ship's tenders provided the condition of the quayside is suitable and other conditions permit. For health and safety reasons, crew members are not permitted to lift full-time wheelchair users up or down the accommodation ladder (a long and narrow gangway which pivots to take account of the tide) or into a tender where there is a step to negotiate. Regrettably, if you are unable to step in and out of a tender unassisted (unless with assistance from your travelling companion) you will be unable to travel ashore by tender.  

For more information on tenders please refer to What is a tender? and tender ports please refer to the question Can wheelchair users use tender launches to go ashore?

High Tidal Range Ports

At most ports where the ship can dock, access to shore is often by the ship’s brow (a short gangway that is often level with, or just above the quayside). However, at ports where a large tidal range is experienced, the ship’s accommodation ladder is used. Due to the height and length of the accommodation ladder, if any guest using a wheelchair is not sufficiently ambulant to walk it with assistance from their companion or, if necessary, from a crew member, it may not be possible to go ashore. However, where practical to do so, we will offer the use of a special machine which can transport the guest up and down the accommodation ladder.

We cannot guarantee shore excursions will operate for ports with a high tidal range. Please see: What assistance is offered to guests with a disability or reduced mobility?

Caribbean cruises

Accessible shore excursions are very limited in the Caribbean, due to the type of vehicle used. These are generally a mini bus or minivan.

Please note we are unable to accept wheelchairs/scooters in this type of vehicle as they are unable to be stowed securely.

World cruises

Some of our World Cruise ports of call have very limited accessibility and cannot offer adapted vehicles to us in order to operate accessible shore excursions. 

If you would like to discuss going ashore at any port of call on your World Cruise itinerary, please contact our Customer Contact Centre (please visit our website for contact details).

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