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Does my wheelchair need to be a certain size?

For health and safety, guests bringing a wheelchair and are not booked in an accessible stateroom, must ensure their wheelchair meets the following criteria:


Guests bringing manual wheelchairs need to ensure they are collapsible to allow them to pass through the stateroom door. If you require the use of a non-standard mobility aid, please discuss this with us as some devices are not suitable for on board use.

If you have booked an accessible stateroom your wheelchair must meet the following criteria.

  • Width: No more than 32 inches (80cm)
  • No component piece to weigh more than 20kg when disassembled
  • Battery Gel, Dry Cell, sealed lead acid or lithium-Ion


 Definition of the difference between a power chair and a mobility scooter is - electric wheelchairs are operated using a joystick mounted on the armrest, requiring less upper body mobility to control. Mobility scooters are operated using a tiller handle and will require both hands to steer and control. Electric wheelchairs have a smaller turning circle than mobility scooters.

Examples are as follows:


If you require any further information please call our Customer Contact Centre (please visit our website for contact details.)

Additional Information

If a guest is bringing a wheelchair, mobility scooter and/or has accessibility requirements, please request a "Your on-board needs" questionnaire via Polar Online. Please click here for a guide. This will ensure we are aware of the guest's requirements prior to boarding.

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