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What is the currency on board and how do I pay for items I buy?

The currency on board is the US dollar and for your convenience all of our ships operate a cash-free environment.

All on board purchases are made using your voyage card. You'll be issued with this at check in, you will be asked to register a credit or debit card or to make a cash deposit at the Purser's Desk once on board.

All purchases will be added to your on board account and charged upon disembarkation. Should you wish for these charges to be converted into UK Sterling, please notify the Purser's Desk on board. A 3% conversion charge will be applied to your account for this service. 

Also the Pursers's Desk acts as a handy financial centre during your stay on board. Here you can purchase foreign currency, check your on-board account and even settle your account in cash if you wish. The Purser’s Desk can be found in the Grand Lobby.

For details on which credit cards are accepted on board, please see: How do I settle my on board account?

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