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What is an E-Ticket?

All guests on the booking with an email address will be emailed when your e-ticket is available which will be approximately 21 days prior to departure. Your E-Ticket will only be available to print from Voyage Personaliser or My Cunard from the ‘Travel Documents' section, once you have completed your personal immigration details and your cabin number has been assigned to you.

If you are less than 21 days to departure and you have not yet received an email advising your e-ticket is available and you have completed your personal immigration details and your cabin has been assigned please call our Customer Contact Centre, visit our website for contact details, or your travel agent.

Your e-tickets will only be available once a stateroom has been allocated. If you have booked on an Early Saver, Late Saver or any other promotional fare, your stateroom can be allocated at any time. Once the stateroom has been allocated an email will be sent to all passengers with an email address on the booking to inform you that your e-ticket is available to download.  


E-tickets can be downloaded up until one day before departure, as long as your personal details have been completed and your stateroom has been allocated (a stateroom would have typically been allocated by this point).

If you have not retrieved your e-ticket either from your travel agent or by printing it yourself from My Cunard, you will need to provide any missing immigration details at check in.

This process will take longer than normal if you have been unable to retrieve your E ticket.



The e-ticket is a ticket for both the voyage and any flight, scheduled or chartered, booked through Cunard.

No additional flight documentation is required. It is increasingly important when travelling abroad, especially to destinations outside of Europe, to travel with proof of return arrangements.

All guests should arrive at check in with their e-ticket documentation and their valid passport and any visas required to travel.

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Additional Information

In order to view/print guest e-tickets from please complete the following steps:

  • Once logged into click on the 'E-Ticket' towards the right
  • The e-ticket screen will then appear, from here you will need to scroll down the screen then select the brand from the drop down option
  • Once you have selected the brand, you need to change the green dot from displaying next to 'Passengers who have not ticketed themselves' and place it next to 'All passengers' by clicking on the empty circle
  • A list of sailings that have been released for E-ticketing will then display in the drop down list
  • Select the sailing required from this list
  • The names of the all the guests booked via your agency on this sailing will then appear in a list format
  • To access the e-ticket you just simply need to click on the guest name
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