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How do I add or amend a middle name?

For a guide on how to add or ammend a passengers middle name please click here.

Amend the spelling of the passenger's middle name. Add a middle name to a booking if this was not added at time of booking. You have the following options:

  • Remove a middle name and amend it to 'No Middle Name' (NMN)
  • Remove the 'no middle name' (NMN) option and add an actual middle name to the booking


Please note: if you try to remove a middle name or the NMN from a booking with flights, Polar Online will fail and not allow the update. As a middle name is mandatory for bookings with flights the system is programmed to ensure that all fly cruise bookings have these details on them.

Also Polar Online will collect the first 12 characters of the middle name only.

All passengers' full names, as per their passports, are required at the time of booking.

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