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What gifts are available to purchase for those travelling on board?

We have a wide range of gifts available to order. Please note we require a minimum of 72 hours notice to arrange a gift with the exception of flowers, where the notice period may vary.

If a guest receives a bottle of wine or Champagne as a gift and intend to take this to a restaurant, then they should also take the gift card presented with the bottle to avoid being charged a corkage fee.

Please note: Some gifts may be delivered to the guest's stateroom in the form of a gift voucher (such as teddy bears) which can be exchanged at the shop on board.

Cunard Wine Academy

For more information about the Cunard Wine Academy, please see "What is available to guests with the Cunard Wine Academy?".

Gift confirmation

We do not automatically issue confirmation of gift orders, so please ask at the time of purchase and we can arrange one to be sent to you. 

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