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Can I take my bicycle on board?

Only folding bicycles or bicycles that can be disassembled are permitted on board (for shore use only) and must be stored in your stateroom ensuring that it does not hinder the opening arc of the door so that access can be gained in an emergency situation. Please be advised that you will be responsible for transporting your bicycle on and off the ship. 

Please also note that we cannot allocate wheelchair accessible accommodation to guests bringing bicycles on board. 

If you have a flight booked, please check with your air carrier as some may not accept bicycles on board the aircraft. There is no facility to hire bicycles on board our ships however there may be shore experiences involving cycling depending on the itinerary.

Please note, the above policy also applies to Tandem and Medical Tandem bicycles. 

For further information about what is prohibited on board, please see 'What am I not allowed to take on board?'

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